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Stephen King and the Importance of Reading

Stephen King attributes his popularity to the fact that he reads a number of fiction novels. Stephen states that in order to be a better writer, a writer must read and write a lot. Reading should be more doing it rather than learning how to read. There is still much to think about while reading a novel. Unscrupulous books typically have more things to learn about. For poor novels, you'll see what the author did wrong so you don't make the same mistakes. Well-written novels, an aspiring author can learn how to write a novel well. The author should learn how to come up with a good narration and the best style to use. The author learns how to make a reader be carried away with a story like the one they have experienced.

The Benefits of Reading for Writers

A writer reads to compare himself with the best written books and learn the best styles to capture the readers mind. Reading wide material helps you also to write more. Reading helps a writer to grow creatively. Reading helps a writer get more concentration on writing stuff rather than watching television which will not help. Television or radio won't help a writer with an imagination more than the way he gets by reading. Reading helps the writer to write have less difficulties and gets more involved while writing his work. The more a writer reads him/her not to repeat what has been done before. The writer will be more original with his work thus wide acceptance by readers.

The Three Parts of a Book According to Stephen King

Stephen king describes a book to be of three parts. One is narration where by the writer narrates a story from one part to another without losing focus up to the end. Second is description it helps the reader indulge in the story like a real situation. The writer puts the mind of the reader in a virtual world full of imagination until the story ends and sometimes leave the writer with a suspension. Third dialogue which helps the writer to have a conversation with the reader's imagination like it's a real speech.

Stephen King's Approach to Writing and Feedback

Stephen king elaborated that stories are found things for instance like finding fossils underground. Stephen further explain best stories are original and have never been narrated before. A writer should use their creativity to try and come up with the new stories. Although a writer may suffer setbacks while trying to imagine new storyline, it will be a win at the end. Stephen explains that intuition is what has helped him to come up with the best novels. He does not worry if an idea is complex but rather he come ups with story the moment he start writing. A writer should always be asking himself what if situation to think of a different scenario. The different narration will capture a writer's mind.

Academic writing should always be original and something new from all the previous materials. All writers should think differently to come up with stories to reduce monotony of books. A reader always expects a different experience on a new book that they will be reading. They should have different imagination or visualization on a new book.

Stephen king first finishes the book before he gives it out to be criticized. Stephen contends that self critic helps him to realize his mistakes and revise. Stephen then handouts the manuscript to his wife who goes through the book to pinpoint mistakes or add something. Stephen then gives copies to friends to read and give him feedback. When the readers comment the book as a good story its most probably a good book indeed. Friends criticize the book differently. Some don't like the characters or the end. The first readers mostly concentrate on factual mistakes. Most writers do not want to listen and follow negative comments. But when there are many negative sentiments a writer should automatically know that the story is not good. When the writer changes the bad parts as recommended by the critiques' most times it saves the book from being a flop. Although you should not always listen to negative comments as Stephen advises. Stephen explains that many books would not be published if the writer concentrated on negative comments. Stephen further illustrates that he only listens to Taby his wife comments. With her review, he knows whether there is anything to change of the book or not.

Stephen King's Opinion on Writing Classes

Stephen king thinks that writing classes won't help a writer to be better. Stephen says that a writer will be less pressured when he writes on his accord than his materials always being criticized by classmates Stephen explains that the classmates' input is not helpful at all. Stephen says that everyday critiques in the classroom will lead a writer to have little creativity. The positive side of writing classes it helps writers to take fiction and poetry seriously.

We can overcome the problems of class critics if we are open-minded. We should not jump to criticize a story before we understand it well fully. Fellow writers should only criticize a story if they are giving an important input. A writer should also not be gauged by the reviews of the classmate. Assssssss par history, many successful writers did not attend writing classes.

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