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Journalism is the art and science of creating and disseminating stories based on how people respond to events, information, and ideas in order to create news. In every way, this has an effect on culture. Print, television, radio, the internet, and other forms of media are used to disseminate information in today's culture. Newsreels were once a part of the mainstream. Journalistic writing is a part of journalism reporting. After writing the news, the reporter uses investigative reporting as a creative expression to present it to the public. When it comes to portraying human fragility and powerlessness, journalist reporting has outperformed other genres such as action, adventure, and comedy, mystery, horror, and self-help when presenting human fragility and powerlessness.some of the achievements include accuracy and standards of factual reporting, and libel reporting, harm limitation and psychological responses that encourage reactive reporting.It further embraces awareness of the separate identities and realities of parties in such a fragile ecosystem, narrowing to the subjective and contextual nature of the causes of unrest and the trap of dualisms.

Journalistic reporting of Naroshima and grave fire flies show these successes. Grave of the fire flies being a real story an animated film depicting war of after the United States tried to bomb Japan to end the second world.The results of the bombing were devastating.It is an autobiography written by Nosaka Akiyuki who was a small boy when bombs dropped in Japan. The film starts the main character seen sitting against a pillar, and the film begins with prologue ‘’September 21, 1945… that was the night I diedthis provokes psychological responses, a fete rarely produced by other genres. The opening death scene presents a cinematic metaphor. There is an element of accurate reporting, where Seita loses his sister due to malnutrition as a result of hunger and starvation.

When Seita loses his parents, he alongside his younger sister get accommodation at their aunt's residence who subjects them to torture mostly denying them food.the the main topic here presented is how war changes our true selves. Seita goes ahead to become a thief after vacating his aunts home together with her sister.being scion of soldier he does give up.When his sister falls ill, he seeks medication from the doctor.The doctor says the only medication is food; he shows a human heart, he wants to extend a lending hand only that he has his problems too

The only hope for humanity in this story exists in the innocence and kindness of their relationship of Seita, and his sister is the only hope for humankind, however ugly the world is children remain uncorrupted.The above presents an awareness of separate identities Seita, and his aunt at the end Seita and his sister sit on the bench in the background of a city which looks like its rebuilding. This signifies the end of the war. The message presented here is a strong one making people think about their attitudes upon seeing others in need.No other genre can report events in such away during a state of high human need compared to journalistic reporting.

Hiroshima narrates a story of six survivors of the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, killing thousands of people. The survivors are two doctors, two women and two religious men the text presents a significant humankind behavior exhibited by the Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto.he survives the bombing and tries to rescue others who are wounded.He feels ashamed himself being healthy while fellow humans are suffering.later on he falls ill and after recuperating travels to America, but faces criticism in Japan despite the humanitarian efforts he did.

As the war renders, it's its victims weak and delicate they cannot move.Another priest father Wilhelm Kleinsorge providing a lending hand to the victims by bringing them water to quench their thirsty.he also protects them from calamities such as the rising tides, whirlwind, and fires. Mrs. Toshiko Sasaki suffers a fractured legs which become severely infected as she does not receive specialized treatment many weeks after the bombing, although there are two doctors; but they are unable to help her. DR Fuji Masakazu and Dr. Terufumi Sasaki. Another calamity strikes again few weeks after the explosion. A kind is a sickness that has association with radiation attack the survivors

The people are resilient; they still try to bring their lives back to normalcy.Dr. Fuji then finally dies from a sudden illness. Both Miss Sasaki and Mrs. Nakamura climb the ladder from poverty to success. Mrs. Nakamura stays on a pension and a government allowance after she works hard and supports her family, Miss Sasaki serves as a nun. Dr. Sasaki and Mr. Tanimoto dedicate their lives to helping the victims.Tanimoto, in particular, plays a significant role in trying to help the victims of the bomb, most especially the maidens from Hiroshima.He afterward travels to America where he unsuccessfully attempts to spread a message of peace in a time of nuclear escalation. In the end, the horrors of the nuclear war refuse to fade away.lives of the people continue to be threatened by the effects.however in the aftermath of the war, the six survivors show a sense of goodwill pride and reconciliation.

In conclusion, the portrayal of effects of war done in the different text of animation and story.They have both conveyed the intended message. The texts in which the stories are carried both evoke some emotions.They cover a vast audience, though their medium varies.Grave of the fireflies has been animated into a film while Hiroshima the text presents through print media in a book,


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September 21, 2021

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