Team Work and Leadership Lessons from Ed Hochuli and His Team

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Ed Hochuli provides excellent advice on how to apply leadership skills following graduation. Because of their teamwork and outstanding organizational qualities, the NFL Referee and his colleagues have attained great success. What are the takeaways from the referee;
Get the creations as exclusive as possible. The planet needs innovators; don't be like anyone else; instead, be special, like Ed Hochuli!
Value comes first, and it should be of the highest caliber. Clients can only refer if they are fully fulfilled.
Create a special name for your car designs. Make certain that the name becomes well-known. A rare name is easily remembered by people (Merill 10). Three Lessons in Team Effectiveness

Be creative in your designs. The world needs innovators, do not be like everybody else, stand out, like Ed Hochuli!

Quality is primary; quality should be top notch. The clients only refer if they are satisfied.

Get a unique name for car designs. Make sure your brand becomes a household. People remember an uncommon name with ease (Merill 10).

Three Lessons in Team Cohesiveness

Stand out from the crowd. Hochuli stood out due to his body physique and eloquence. Distinguish your designs as unique and the best in the market.

Handle criticism positively. The criticism that Hochuli received was tremendous; he chose to remain active and respond to immense emails of complaints. Always remain positive despite the circumstances.

Always value your clients. Hochuli's personal appeal was incredible, and fans defended him as competent when there was a public outcry over incompetent officials (Merill 8).

Three Lessons in Followership

Learn to listen. There will be a lot of opinion from different people. Just like the NFL officials, analyze the opinions and do what is expected of you.

Be inquisitive. In a team, there are goals to be met; always consult and give an opinion on important matters.

Be honest. Hochuli agreed to a mess he did when officiating a match between Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers. Honesty grows the team and enables achievement of the organization's objectives (Goodlett 58).

Three Lessons in Leadership

Face challenges professionally. Ed Hochuli chose not to run away from problems, he defended his decisions in the court, and his legal prowess helped him argue his cases clearly. In the industry, challenges will arise, how you behave in the time of difficulty determines your success level.

Be accountable. Make sure you can account for every decision you make. Defend the decision with prowess just like the NFL referee Hochuli.

Be confident. In the car industry, confidence inspires hope that what you will produce will be received well in the market (Zillgitt 2).

Two Ways to Become Most Effective Follower

Manage your Ego. An effective member is a team player; they see the team members as members towards a common goal, be ready to serve and take up some duties; some clean but others involving and dirtying.

Loyalty and excellent work ethics. The best followers possess the best work ethic; they get to work on time, do their duties diligently and remain loyal to the team's set objectives (Goodlett 80).

Two ways to lead and increase effectiveness as part of the team

Be the leader and not the boss. Always listen and give the necessary guidance and support to the team members. This boosts morale in the team leading to high productivity.

Inspire success. As a team leader, always ensure that the team members have an enabling environment, appreciate and correct mistakes and have a desire to achieve the expected results as a team (Zillgitt 5).

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September 21, 2021

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