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Technological advances have come a lengthy way in history to become the central part of conversation and information. According to IEEE Communications Society, one of the most recent changes in the field of conversation technology is the shift from the use of personal computers to a greater widespread use of smartphones and connected sensors such as smartwatches. It is currently indeniable that the size, shapes, and functions of these devices keep on enhancing as their prices dwindle consistently. Nevertheless, these communication technology dynamics have infiltrated everyone’s non-public life, leading to significant positive and terrible effects altogether.
The first effect of increased smartphone use is the decreased usage of personal computers. More and more human beings embrace the easy to use and portable mobile phones to read the news, communicate and participate in social sites. The convenience and efficiency offered by this improvement in communication technology have caused the preference of smartphones over personal computers (Sarwar and Soomro 218).
Another effect of increased smartphone use is the improvement in the delivery of healthcare. Sarwar and Soomro mention that the widespread availability and access to smartphones ensure that patients and healthcare providers interact using this platform (221). In fact, healthcare providers can offer prescriptions, professional advice, alternative treatment options and price comparisons to clients. On the other hand, consumers can conduct searches on health information.
The improved capabilities present in smartphones have caused the integration of people with special needs into the society. Features such as text-to-speech, GPS, and social websites facilitate communication of needs, seeking assistance and maintaining strong connections to the community. Including friends, family, and relatives (Sarwar and Soomro 223). Furthermore, education has become more comfortable through teacher-student and student-student interaction as well as access to online resources.
Although the recent smartphone advancements have the above-mentioned positive effects, negative implications include addiction, work -home interference, cyber-bullying and also increased cybercrime cases. Widespread use and dependence of smartphones to perform essential communication functions, access to media and information mainly through social media and the internet has caused overuse of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, the increased smartphone use has reduced productivity in the workplace and also allowed student access to inappropriate content. Finally, the high number of devices and consistent use increases the risk of criminal attacks through exploitation by malicious software (Sarwar and Soomro 223).

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July 24, 2021


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