Tell Them About The Dream, Martin by Drew Hansen

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In Tell them about the Fantasy, Martin! Hansen explains the circumstances that led to one of the best speeches in history. In the post, the author outlines how the shouts of Mahalia Jackson to King that pressed him to tell the people about the dream had changed, lead to a dream voice. The film reflects a systemic revolution that was raging through America that would forever change race relations in the world, and that goes beyond the events covered in the story.
For example, the author reveals that people have been able to suffer harsh circumstances in order to redress the injustices that have afflicted the country for so long. As Hansen observes, 'By late morning, the lawns around the Washington Monument were packed with people, many of whom opened up the box lunches they had prepared (no mayonnaise, the march organizers had warned ' it might spoil)' (Hansen, 84). From the quotation, one can deduce that the people were well aware that the meeting would take longer and that is the reason they were informed not to carry highly perishable food like Mayonnaise. Hence, they were well aware that they would have to brace the heat and tiredness before the meeting was over, but they were not deterred. This perseverance represents the people's willingness to welcome change that would later come to the country and that no force would stop the black-American from fighting for equal rights
Additionally, in telling the story, Hansen reveals that the American Citizens were tired of the social injustices and that they wanted a new dawn for the Negro citizen. This is why many citizens traveled from far and wide to come for the march. As Hansen illustrates in the quote, 'But at Union Station, buses and trains were coming in regularly, swelling crowds that some onlookers compared to those that had gathered at the end of World War II' (Hansen, 86). The attendees were coming from various areas of the country, and most of them took days off from their jobs and left their families to attend this march. Therefore, this story signifies that it was not just about the event that the attendees were coming; it was about changing the status quo and ensuring that the black American was listened to.
Besides. The author creates a vivid picture of how the future would look like for the African American, and though it would not materialize in the March to Lincoln Memorial, it would later come to be. As Hansen notes, ''said that he had a dream of seeing little Negro boys and girls walking to school with little white boys and girls, playing in the parks together and going swimming together.' (Hansen, 86).The quote states that when the future which King had envisioned came, there would be no discrimination on the basis of color. Therefore, this quote reflects a social change in racial relations.
To sum up, Hansen has used symbolism in his article to show the social change that would follow the I have a dream Speech. First, the author symbolizes the people's willingness to have change, illustrates how the American citizens were tired of existing racial relations and then finally paints a picture of how the future would look be. Therefore, symbolism has been extensively used in the story to represent events outside the story.

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Cited Work
Hansen, Drew. The dream: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the speech that inspired a nation. Harper Collins, 2009.


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