The Cay Book Review

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Whenever you are trying to write a book review, you will need to think of the book's storyline, characters, recommendations, and summary. All of these things will help you to write a good review.


'The Cay' is a novel about a boy's journey from a small Caribbean island to the United States. It is set in the 1940s, during the World War II era, and is a story about a boy's struggles with racism and survival. The novel explores the role of merchant marine in the war and how domestic life was affected by war. It also explores racism and discrimination and how the war affected the Americas.

The book is about an eleven-year-old boy named Phillip Enright who lives with his parents on a small Dutch island called Curacao. Their ship is torpedoed while en route to Panama. The mother loses sight of her son, but Phillip survives. He is stranded with a Black man named Timothy. The two develop a relationship, and Timothy teaches Phillip how to survive on his own.

The Cay is a book that has been criticized for its treatment of racism, but has also been praised for its message of tolerance. It is a story of an eleven-year-old boy who is stranded on an isolated Caribbean island with an older Black man.


During World War II, a ship was torpedoed and the occupants were marooned on an island in the Caribbean. This is the inspiration behind The Cay, a novel about a boy named Phillip. The story follows the protagonist's escapade on the island and how it helped him become a better person. The book was written by Theodore Taylor and published in 1969.

The premise of the book is that a boy named Phillip is marooned on an island with an elderly Black man named Timothy. Timothy helps the boy with survival tips and teaches him the true art of self-reliance. Phillip is also taught to be a decent human being by his mentor.

The book also explores the topic of racism and its effects on the two main characters. The book is a good read for both adults and kids. The characters in The Cay include Phillip Enright, his mother Grace, and his friend Henrik van Boven. Grace's racist views are challenged by Phillip's friend Henrik.


Using similes and metaphors, The Cay by Theodore Taylor tells the tale of a blind man who learns to survive in the ocean. The story is set during World War II and takes place on the island of Curacao. Its main character is a torpedo survivor named Phillip. Phillip Enright lives on the island with his mother and father. They are separated when their ship is torpedoed. The mother decides to take Phillip back to the U.S. where he will have a better life. The novel is considered a classic bestseller.

Among the many themes explored in The Cay, racism is most prominent. Grace, the mother of Phillip, dislikes the black bay workers on the island. She is unsure of the safety of their journey. Phillip's father believes the trip will be dangerous. But he is happy to hear that the Germans are planning to invade Curacao. Seeing this as a good opportunity to get off the island, Phillip is excited.


During the Second World War, a boy named Phillip lives with his parents on the island of Curacao. While Phillip is on his way home, his ship is torpedoed. As he is trying to make it to shore, he ends up on a raft with an old Black man named Timothy. Despite their struggles, the two men begin to develop a friendship. After surviving a treacherous journey on a raft, Phillip and Timothy are finally rescued and sent back home to the United States.

The Cay is an adventure and survival novel that explores racism, prejudice, and the consequences of war. The protagonist triumphs over his impossible challenges, and he is changed for the better. After reading The Cay, you will be able to discuss the novel's themes with your family. You can also discuss the novel's underlying issues of war and racism with your students. In addition, you can use The Cay book to teach about the importance of friendship.

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