The concept of Posthumanism

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Posthumanism is a notion that connects human abilities to natural conditions; it is claimed that human conditions are incompatible with natural conditions. According to the posthuman viewpoint, humans do not fully exploit the natural state of their surroundings, which means they do not fully use the potential of their brains. The use of technology to manipulate the brain and mind can allow humans to completely explore their potentials in their natural condition. Posthumanism can be advantageous since it tends to divert people' attention away from biological flaws such as the inability to communicate and the need for nourishment. It is, therefore, necessary to study the advantages and the disadvantages of the Posthumanism in order to explore the benefits and dangers that it can bring to the human life.

Advantages of Posthumanism

The concept of Posthumanism improves perfection in human. Humans are sometimes faced with the difficulties or the inability to perform some task in their natural environment. For instance, there are people who are not able to communicate due to some disorders, in other cases; there are some people who have the problems of memory, a condition characterized by the brain disorders or lack of some brain components. The idea of Posthumanism tends to address the above issues by incorporating the suitable genetic components that can improve the above conditions. The above scenario can also improve memory and transform humans to become fully adapted to their environments.

The presence of diseases and other disorders is another factor that adversely affects mankind. The idea of Posthumanism can improve the immune systems thereby lowering the chances of contracting certain diseases; the incorporation of the resistant genes into the cells can help in reducing the exposure to some of the deadly diseases. The concept can also be applied to the victims of traumatic events like accidents, wars, or disastrous events like earthquakes to divert human memories from such dangers. With this concept, a stronger generation of the people who are resistant to different diverse conditions can emerge.

Disadvantages of Posthumanism

Although the concept of postmodernism has several advantages that tend to favor human life, the process comes with the adverse effects; it can lead to the complete loss of direction in the human race. The idea is a threat to sanity, it will enable human to start thinking beyond what they can do, a situation that can lead to the misunderstandings in different societies. The idea of postmodernism can interfere with the social setup as everyone will become self-sufficient, a generation with no disabilities and imperfections means that every individual will be fit to survive by themselves without the support of others.

The absence of diseases brought about by the Posthumanism can result into the increase in population, a scenario that can adversely affect the human existence. Death is a mechanism that aids in the control of the population; when people die, others are born and the process leads to the natural population control mechanism. The immortal concept of Posthumanism is a threat to the human existence as the population may become unbearable. The main issues of concerns to the people who are wary of the Posthumanism goals are that the scientist is engaging in the practices that may lead to the negative impacts to the individuals involved and the entire environment, without considering divine wisdom or balancing forces that can reduce the negative consequences brought about by such activities.

From the naturalist or the environmental perspectives, the Posthumanism changes are taking place too dramatically and swiftly for the individuals or ecosystems to establish appropriate counterbalance or safeguards. The process of improvements in the genetic composition of the body does not take into consideration the environmental factors that affect human life. The Posthumanism changes are occurring without the consideration of the original plans and designs created by God and consequently without the God's wisdom or foresight. The idea of Posthumanism exposes people to the great harm, a situation that can lead to the destruction of mankind.

Significance of Posthumanism

The concept of Posthumanism can improve immortality and it can also be applied to prevent aging. The dream of the people is to remain young and live forever; nobody wants to die because of the pleasures that make like enjoyable. The improvement in the genetic composition of human can enable them to adopt adaptive measures that can prevent deaths and increase lifespan. The process of aging can be reduced by introducing the renovation mechanisms that improves the processes in the cells thereby improving the biochemical activities, a scenario that can improve the physical appearance of the people. The increase in technology is not evil; it has been the source of the good things brought about through scientific inventions. A Posthumanism is a scientific tool or idea that needs to be properly examined for careful use. The transformation that people adopt with the hope of achieving the immortality is a fantasy. The process of decay cannot be eradicated indefinitely. If an individual tends to change the existing substrate of the body to become immortal, then it is a unique procedure that exists and not the original being, death is inevitable and it should be confronted.

May 24, 2023

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