The Gods and the Hunters Must Be Crazy

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The Bushmen, as portrayed within the film, are a pure and fewer materialistic people that survive the mainland. Their main livelihood revolves around hunting and gathering plants to make sure that they get food for survival for the entire tribe. Bushmen live a joyous life, and there exists no feeling on the necessity for outdoor intervention or modernity. The hunters within the ir work create an impact of the convenience also because the difficulty of getting food in the Kalahari (Harvard University). the thought found out on the convenience is that they're a determined community able to work together to urge their daily meal, which ends up in unity among the people. The impression got on the problem is that they are a determined community ready to work together to get their daily meal, which results in unity among the people. The impression got on the difficulty is that hunting at times fails due to the attack by wild animals in the Kalahari. Conversely, gathering appears challenging at times when plants are not readily available.
Hunting was of much importance to the Bushmen's survival in that; it provided the people with more calories, unlike the gathered plants. Another importance is that the Bushmen viewed the hunted animals as of more spiritual potency. Such an aspect compares with the article of Richard Lee in that, both explain the same concept. Consequently, this way of life, hunting, and gathering shaped other aspects of the Bushmen's culture by enabling them to know more of the environment and its surroundings.
The most difficult scenes to watch in this film is where N!xau is involved (The Gods Must Be Crazy). The narrator or the film did not bother to capture so well what this actor said considering the audience would not understand him anyway. Rather, the filmmaker focused on explaining much on what Xi was saying. N!xau said whatever he wanted, which often was not in character (The Gods Must Be Crazy). Another scene that seems difficult to understand is when the coca cola bottle is dropped. The trouble of understanding this part comes in the sense that the audiences know the bottle is dropped from an airplane while the tribe views it as sent by gods.
There is so much learned about Bushmen as hunters and gatherers. This group has various skills such as tool-making. The Bushmen had skills and used them to craft tools from available items like stones and wood and the products aided in the hunting and gathering process. Development of more ideas often likes the invention of poison to help kill the animals. The hunters had good taste in animals, and this is evident on how good they treated the animals and had a good relationship with them.
The Bushmen's way of life significantly impacted the environment. The Bushmen had a deeper knowledge of their surroundings since they monitored it all around as they performed their hunting duty. Their subsistence practices also utilized the environmental resources entirely. They wasted and damaged very little, which remained a positive impact on the sustainable environment.
The film The Gods Must Be Crazy, when juxtaposing the Bushmen's life with modern civilization in its earlier scenes, portrays a message of the simple and uncomplicated life of the Bushmen. That life is suddenly interrupted by the fall of an empty coca cola bottle from the sky. Such an event brought jealousy to the once peaceful community. The comparison of the Hunters to The Gods Must be Crazy is that, in both films, the Kalahari Bushmen are portrayed as a simple peaceful community. However, that peace is disturbed only when the coca cola bottle drops from above.
Anthropologists might be critical of the Gods Must Be Crazy in its portrayal of the Bushmen. They would provide the film with a very careful analysis of the Bushmen depicting every single detail about them. Between the two films, I find the Gods Must Be Crazy of more preference to me because of the full consideration of the audience and the well depiction of all the scenes. The film is also humorous, and the director captured the scene using the right lighting and props that made it fascinating.

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