The Impact of Self-Stigma on Mental Health

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Coming out Proud: Reducing Self-Stigma

Coming out proud is one of the ways through which individuals suffering from various stigmas might help their medical situations. Stress is one of the ways that make individual's health to worsen within a very short period. Individuals suffering from mental illnesses have been noted to be suffering from various forms of self-stigmas that can be solved through allowing them to talk about their previous mental health problems and understand their impacts. Reducing Self-Stigma by Coming out Proud outlines the methods through which individuals can concur the self-stigmas.

The First Step: Talking About It

The first step of emerging proud concerning a condition that one is suffering from is through talking about it (Patrick et al 2013). The individuals who have suffered from mental illnesses find it difficult to interact with various groups of people as they feel that they are inadequate in a number parameters (Patrick et al 2013). For example, self-stigma because of mental illness might make an individual not to apply for a particular job, as they feel inadequate.

Psychoeducational Approaches

Programs have been put into place to ensure that the self-stigmas that result from mental health are solved. The programs take the psychoeducational approaches to help the individuals gain the self-esteem that they are working efficiently as required (Patrick et al 2013). The psychoeducational approaches involve teaching the patients on the possible health side effects and the right ways through which the mental illnesses can be solved.

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Psychosocial Methods

Cognitive-behavior therapy is also an essential step in helping individuals with self-stigma. The individuals are trained to avoid the irrational self-statements and to notice deviations in their behaviors (Patrick et al 2013). Psychosocial methods are also employed to ensure that individuals are relieved from the self-stigmas (Patrick et al 2013). The individuals are taught on the importance of having an identity with the mental problem they have and being able to understand it. The identity helps them to accept their challenges and easily monitor their behavioral changes. The process of disclosure of the patient problems need to be systematic and accurate according to the required rules to ensure that the clients do not feel lesser due to suffering from a given disease.


Patrick W. Corrigan, PsyD, Kristin A. Kosyluk, MS, and Nicolas Rüsch, MD. (2013). Reducing Self-Stigma by Coming Out Proud. Psychiatry Research, 229(1-2), 61-67.

October 13, 2023

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