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I'm writing to express my interest in working as a research assistant for SpeeDx Pty Ltd. My application is in response to the work advertisement, which calls for a recent graduate to join the organization in the above-mentioned role.

I finished my Bachelor of Science studies and will graduate at the end of the year. It is my dream that I can begin my professional career by getting a position that will expose me to the real world. I will gladly join the company which has successfully ventured into my professional preferred field of practice, molecular diagnostics. Besides, it presents the opportunity for career growth and innovation, given that it aims at expanding to the global market.

My studies prepared me for the biology world, and I firmly believe that I will fit in the position of research assistant having majored in Biochemistry where I had a practical experience with PCR. Basically, I used the quantitative polymerase chain reaction in simultaneous detection of a particular DNA sequence in a specimen and after that determining the exact copy number of the sequence in relation to the standard.

The study of the professional codes of conduct and ethics has also enabled me to learn and internalize the critical aspects of maintaining privacy, confidentiality, and data security. Besides, I will obey the work protocols and only communicate the PCR results to the relevant collaborators. Therefore, it is an assurance that I will be doing what I already understand well.

Thank you in advance for you anticipated response. I promise to avail myself for further demonstration of my capabilities if need be. Please feel free to contact me through my email address or cell phone number for any correspondence.

Yours Faithfully,

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A response to Selection Criteria Statement

Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

The ability to analyze a situation and offer solutions to problems is one critical capability that I have and hope to apply throughout my career. In the case of a problem such as being asked to recommend on how to improve on the quality of service, my strategy is to follow procedure. First, it is necessary to obtain the facts of the current situation that relate to the problem at hand. Second, one has to study each data independently and find how they influence the activity level. Third, it is important to identify the aspects that could be changed to help attain the desired outcomes. Forth, the problem solver finds the best courses of action among the stated alternatives and facilitates the implementation of the most feasible ones. Notably, the entire process requires consultation with the relevant stakeholders; my ability to interact with others and incorporate their thoughts in whatever I want to solve will be of the essence.

Learning and Adaptability

I firmly believe that learning is continuous at that we always have new things to learn even in the field that one thinks to have perfect knowledge. Personally, I like obtaining additional knowledge from other people because they help enhance my intelligence. I am always keen and pay attention to details to allow me to learn. Besides, I do not shy off from asking people who are knowledgeable in particular field where I have the interest to help me understand some concepts. It is also my habit to take note of any challenging professional ideas for further research whenever I have time. Concerning adaptability, I like being in a company of people and I readily associate with anyone, thus, enabling me to adapt to a given work environment without difficulty. In fact, I do value helping an organization reach its goals, and that allows me to do as required and to adapt.

Ability to Work in a Team Environment

My liking for the company during work and even when doing my leisure activities such as sporting has significantly enhanced my team spirit. I like being with people because it helps me to find one to consult and help boost my morale when I feel demotivated. From experience, I have been part of teams in school especially the study groups. In most cases, I was chosen to be the team leader of such teams, and I think I developed the necessities for a productive team member. Some of my qualities include honesty, reliability, sharing of load, positive attitude, recognition of the skills of others, and proper communication skills. The fact that I value every team member has been an outstanding quality that my previous team members considered in having me as a team leader, and I hope to replicate it whenever I find the opportunity to work in a group.

December 08, 2022

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