The Silver Screen

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The author has selected the subject because he is familiar with it and believes that it poses a question that needs to be addressed. He worked at the film theater and realized the problems that come with the role. In reality, he had faced the problems he was talking about in the paper.

Audience Intended

The audience for the article is the general public, particularly those who flock to the film theaters. The argument of the author is that the film theater is not a happy environment for workers, as it is for the public.

He seeks to make people understand that working in a film theater is not as fun as postulated. He further, informs all the involved parties of their behaviors that affect the employee morale in the business. The thesis of the paper is outright for the readers to understand what the author is discussing.

Main point

The author propagates a point that the stakeholders in the film theater industry, including the audience and the management, make the employee's lives unbearable. He states this through the thesis statement in his opening paragraph where he states that angry customers, cruel bosses, and unpredictable hours make a film theater job as one of the worst possible jobs.

Details Provided

The author presents the details on the employee treatment by management, customers and the long hours that entail working in a film theater. He describes each of the issues in its paragraph for clarity purposes. The evidence is sufficient as he writes from a personal experience having worked in a film theater before.


The author organizes his ideas in a systematic and logical way explaining each point independently to support his thesis. The organization fosters an understanding among the readers and draws empathy from them following the hard conditions that the film theaters employees have to endure.

Language and Tone

The author uses a formal language and a critical tone. It reveals the author’s intention to have all the stakeholders in the film theater change their attitudes towards the employees. His attitude towards all the stakeholders including managers, owners, and the customers is negative and critiquing their behaviors establishes the need for them to change.

Success of the Work

The work is successful. The author manages to develop his thesis on why the film theater is among the worst place for anyone to work. He explains his points using the owner’s, managers’, and the customers’ behaviors and attitudes towards the employees. Therefore, the work is successful as it not only writes a point down but also backs it up with evidence. Further, the information is sufficient for all people involved in making the employees’ work miserable to change their attitudes.

October 12, 2022

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