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The Thrilling Experience of Visiting Arizona

The first time I visited Arizona was the most thrilling experience of my life. My parents joined me on the five-hour drive from Las Vegas. The trip was exciting and strikingly pleasing thanks to the architectural features of the stunning landscape along the roadside. This was a once-in-a-lifetime view for me since I was born in Tokyo, where there are only tall buildings and one can only take cover from the heavy sun rays along the walls. Moving to this venue and heading to other locations offers the greatest opportunities in a person's life. Such occurs since an individual is able to identify and see new physical and natural features, which are not present in the home environment.

A Journey Becoming Boring

I thought I was watching a movie since the road was red-brown. While in the car, I could feel the heat and glare of the sun, which made the journey so enjoyable. However, as it is indicated, "too much of everything is poisonous," the journey started becoming boring since the landscape did not change. For example, the mountains and natural trees, which were visible from the car disappeared and the common view remained for long making us tired. Nevertheless, there was no choice rather than maintain the journey and move on to our destination.

Arriving at Horseshoe Bend

I was shocked when the car navigation said "You've arrived." Our aim was the Horseshoe Bend, but unfortunately, we were unable to see it from our position. Therefore, we had no alternative other than walking towards it. Once I stepped outside the car, the air and the wind was so fresh, new, and lovely to be accustomed to it. I felt like the entire weather had changed from what I was experiencing while in the car. The wind was blowing in a cool breeze but filled with grit. We walked for approximately 15 minutes down the road. All this time, I was asking myself how the return journey will be. While walking, I had a chance of seeing crowds of people. However, I never knew that I was at the Horseshoe Bend.

The Astonishing Scenery of Horseshoe Bend

The scenery immediately raised my spirits, and I was very happy. It is a river that flows in a valley, which is U-shaped like a horseshoe. It now dawned on me the origin of the name Horseshoe Bend. I walked along the entire valley edge to the end where I was able to look at the bottom. The height was so high that my legs were shaking, and I feared looking at the basement of the valley. I was amazed by the energy and vastness of the earth while looking at the foundation of this river. The river had a beautiful color, which was amazing. For once, I thought I am color-blind because I was not able to tell whether it was yellow, blue, or green. I could not waste any minute without taking pictures at different heights, angles, and views of the Horseshoe Bend. My parents could not be left behind as they were keen on observing what I am doing in the valley. This was the best opportunity in my life. As such, I love taking nature walks and trips, which helps in discovering and seeing new things, which do not exist in my current environment.

October 18, 2022

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