What is the Purpose of an Interview?

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Me: The purpose of this interview is to establish various aspects that enhance the writing profession.

Professor: It will be my pleasure to answer all the questions.

Me: Do you have any questions before we proceed?

Professor: How will you use the interview content you get from me?

Me: I will utilize it to improve my writing skills which are crucial for my future career.

Professor: That is encouraging. I have no additional queries.

Me: In that case, you can contact me later in case you need clarification on various matters.

Me: What are your current title and job background?

Professor: I am currently the English professor, and I act as the institution’s secretary.  

Me: what kinds of writing do you encounter in a day?

Professor: I write reports, emails, and memos because they are the most common means of communication.

Me: Who are your primary clients/audience?

Professor: Students and colleagues are the main recipients of my written materials.

Me: Do you report to someone who sends off your writings?

Professor:  After writing the various documents, I distribute them to respective parties, so I do not report to another person.

Me: What courses did you take in school that made your career thrive?

Professor: English was my favorite subject, and it helped me research on different issues. Thus I ended up as a professor.

Me: Does the writing volume increase with your stay in the profession.

Lecturer: Yes. The experience I keep gaining makes me a better writer.

Me: Is your writing mainly formal or informal?

Professor: Most of my written documents are formal because they communicate official matters.

Me: What is your final word?

Professor: I would encourage anyone willing to join this profession to feel free. It is not as complicated as people think.

August 21, 2023

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