1984 by George Orwell

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George Orwell’s 1984

George Orwell’s 1984 is about the affects of totalitarianism on people in a political setting. Citizens like to enjoy the freedom of expression and speech. It is one of the best matters that anybody can wish to enjoy as a free person. I am now not an exception to this common desire among human beings. It is frequent to for people to express themselves freely without concern or intimidation. Whenever there is a threat to this freedom, I am personally agitated to take an action that should to liberate myself from the chains of intimidations, especially from a higher authority. On the other hand, the humans in authority feel threatened when their subjects seek liberty from the frustrations that people undergo in the hands of the ruling class. I have ever gone through the pain of being subjected to frustrations by the people with authority regardless of whether it is for legitimate or assumed reasons.

The Hierarchical System of Big Brother

The 1984 novel talks about a hierarchical system called the 'Big Brother' and The Party that are known for repressing and controlling everyone with complete despotism. One of the greatest oppression that the Big Brother suppresses to the citizens is enforcing complete control over the privacy and thoughts of the people by installing cameras and microphones everywhere to help the system in catching and punishing those who dares to challenge the authority of the Big Brother and The Party. This kind of treatment I have undergone not once but several times in the hands of the police who are supposed to protect the citizens without discrimination. I remember one day when I was arrested mistakenly, but the cops could not listen to my pleas that I was being arrested mistakenly. After confirming that I was telling them nothing but the truth, I was released, but my efforts to file a lawsuit against the state for malicious prosecution didn’t bear fruits because I could not afford a lawyer nor get a witness.

An Allegory with a Noticeable Message

The novel is an awesome allegory with a noticeable message that was prominent at the time the novel was written, that is, immediately after the Second World War. The topics of war are also quite prominent in other Orwell's works, such as short essay "A Hanging", although the time period it is set in predates the story told in the 1984.

The Rebellion and Its Consequences

Winston Smith is the protagonist of the 1984 story who meets his love, Julia with whom they develop their thoughts about the state of affairs and starts to rebel against the ruling authority. It is a normal thing for the oppressed people to start a rebel after many years of oppression. The rebellion is usually started by a few individuals whose influence spreads among the oppressed and incites them against their oppressors. The major antagonists in the novel are the Big Brother, The Party, and O’Brian, a member of the inner party working in the Ministry of Love (Bloomfield, p.18).

A rebellion is never an easy task, and it comes at a cost. In the novel, Winston and Julia are set up by O’Brian who ultimately breaks them. The oppressed people normally come to a time when they feel enough is enough and some are willing to lead the rest in rebelling against their oppressors without considering the consequences that may befall them. At the end of the rebellion, the protagonists may pay heavy prices like losing their lives, but the struggle never goes in vain. At least there are outcomes that come with it of bringing liberty to the people. This is not an exception in the novel. Personal determination to seek justice never go in vain when people are united for a common cause.

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Bloomfield, Harold H. George Orwell's 1984. 1st ed. New York: Bloom's Literary Criticism, 2012. Print.

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