A Case for Studying in a Nursing School

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I have always had an interest in looking after the people, which must be why I developed an interest in studying nursing. Caring for the well-being of others by availing my skills learned in a nursing school will facilitate the achievement of my ambition as the essential requirement necessary for entry into a career in nursing. I developed this interest when I volunteered in a home for the elderly during some of my Saturdays in high school where I realized the delight in serving others and helping in the availing of the better care for my community in general.

I applied to your institution because I believe it offers specialized programs that are well-rounded, providing students with a strong foundation for a successful academic outcome. An opportunity to study in the institution will equip me with the necessary knowledge in nursing and strengthen my resume for studying in a place that is regarded highly for its proficiency in providing quality studies in scientific fields. The programs in your profound curriculum will equip me with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of practice in nursing. The availability of supportive teaching staff with vast experiences in nursing practice instills my confidence in the academic excellence associated with the institution.

I am also interested in the institution for its diversity not only in the specialized departments for study in medicine, but also in the student and teaching faculty. Cultural and ethnic diversity is represented well in the learning environment which is similar to a real-life scenario. As I am from a city with multiethnic, multicultural, diverse groups, I have grown to appreciate the beauty of working and living in a community with people from different backgrounds. I believe that having members from varying parts of the world gives one an opportunity to interact and learn other forms of culture and socialization from diverse people around the globe.

The world today is more globalized, so I believe that having exposure to the international community allows a better understanding of others. Health facility centers are one of the places where one gets to serve and integrate with people with diverse backgrounds. Understanding essential aspects of the individuals one works with is a crucial aspect of a successful career. As a nurse, I will be expected to serve people from varying nations, social and cultural contexts and this experience will thus avail an advantage for my practice as a nurse.

During my service as a volunteer in the home for the elderly, I notably grew fond of taking care of people. I thus intend to apply my skills in nursing in a hospice in the provision of home care for elderly who require specialized care. I grew fond of serving the elderly in the facility, as they were as wise as they were vulnerable, illustrating how fickle life is. It has motivated me to utilize my youth to the best of my ability every day. I was inspired by the stories some of the patients shared with us, which got me to visit every other Saturday afterwards. At that time and till now, I believe that the best way I can serve my community is by availing health care and other general services to the senior members of our society. I, therefore, think that my studies in your institution will enhance my potential in a career in nursing in unlimited ways and pave the way for my academic excellence leading to a successful career.

October 13, 2023

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