A Comedy Sketch Reflection

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Reflection on Participation in a Comedy Sketch Project

As a student, I've had a variety of opportunities, some of which have piqued my interest and they have compelled me to take decisions that I would not have considered if I hadn't been a student. For example, I barely videotape myself, and even though I do, I'm unlikely to show it to someone. However, for the comedy sketch, I was recorded and introduced in front of the class for the first time in my academic career. As a result, this is the most intriguing and exciting class assignment in which I have ever participated. The project granted me a chance to engage with my classmates in a way that helped me learn new skills.

Groupwork and Positive Feedback

First things first, I would like to extend my gratitude to my groupmates for doing such a fantastic job on this project and my classmates for their positive feedback. This is not a one-man job, and it was imperative to put together a great teamwork to achieve such an excellent comedy sketch. Our feedback from the class was substantially positive and encouraged us to continue with the project to its completion. The success of the project was the fact that it met its intended purpose which was to make our audience enjoy and laugh throughout the sketch. Indeed, our comedy sketch did make the audience laugh and enjoy the session. My group comprised of four colleagues including myself, Red, Marlee, and Joey. In the beginning, what we had to do was to create a story. After we had a discussion, we came out with a story that is about how students stress themselves during the finals week, how their friends affect them, and how students feel stressful when other people interrupt their studying. Next, except for Joey, we decided that each person should perform two characters. For example, Joey acts as a student who is struggling during her finals week. Red was to act as a big fan of Pokémon Go with a heavy Australian accent and one of the frat boys, Marlee was to act as a movie theater goer and one of the frat boys, and I was to act as a friend of Joey and one of the frat boys.

Insights from the Sketch

While creating our sketch, I learned that students get frustrated when people carelessly make a noise around them, thus distracting their studies. For instance, in our design, Joey would not concentrate with all the noise around her and, therefore, had to read while plugging earphones in her ears. It is hard to focus on studying or even do casual chores without a pair of headphones or earplugs. From the sketch, we were able to learn the reason most students put on a pair of headphones on them anytime anywhere (in school, gym, street, or class). Furthermore, from the sketch and the acting, we were able to learn that students are getting stress too much to the extent of separating themselves from their friends as they ruthlessly refuse to hang out with their buddies.

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

Although we did not have many challenges to this project, we went to the library and picked a perfect place for our filming. Unfortunately, as we got the middle of filming, one student came to us and complained about our noise. She said the noise was disturbing her because she had to study for her final exams. Until now I am still apologetic about what we did to her because she was studying for her exam. The key challenge for me was that I honestly had to step outside my comfort zone for this scene since being a frat boy is not my style. After watching the sketch several times, I think I could perform a frat boy better. I would rather be a nerd than a frat boy because tuition is one of my reasons. The other challenge that we faced in the making of the sketch was the fact that we lacked high-quality instruments to use during the recording. For instance, we did not have a professional camera to use in recording the scenes. We had to engage our mobile phone cameras to record some scenes which we then compiled on the computer. Also, during the presentation in class, some students criticized our video and some even said it was not worth watching. However, since we had an objective to accomplish, we pushed on, and in the end, we were able to learn from the presentation. Before drawing up the sketch and making the video, we wanted to find out why students get stressed during the final weeks of their studies. Our core objective was to make the classmates, who were an audience learn from the sketch while at the same time enjoy by making them laugh. This is why most scenes from the video sketch included humorous episodes. Indeed, we achieved all our objectives because we made them laugh and learn at the same time. We also learned from the acts.


Conclusively, I can thus say that the making of the comedy sketch was a big success for us has it aided in the attainment of our set goals.

December 15, 2022

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