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The majority of students struggle with time management

The majority of students have stated that balancing their time successfully is their most difficult task when it comes to transitioning to college life as well as thriving in class and in life. This is especially true for community college students who must work long hours. When determining how to spend one's free time, one must consider one's aspirations as well as interests (Goodman et al., 56). This paper would illustrate how students can combine work, education, and activities while still being competitive in life. One of the major ways to have a balance between school, work, and hobbies is always to give greater considerations to personal goals. When having clear goals and objectives, it becomes easy to decide how to spend your time (Groysberg, Boris &Robin, 54). This helps one to put other irrelevant things aside and to concentrate more on education, work, and hobbies.

Letting go of perfectionism

Another way of balancing school, work and hobbies is letting go of perfectionism. Most of the overachievers develop the tendency of a perfectionist at a young age because demand on their time is limited to hobbies and school. As one grows up life becomes more complicated, and responsibilities start to mushroom (an-Wilson, Anna &Nancy, 33). Perfectionism becomes out of reach, and if left unchecked this habit can be destructive. The healthiest option is to avoid striving for perfection and instead do it for excellence.

Unplugging for a balanced life

Lastly, one can maintain a balance between school work and hobbies by unplugging. Despite the fact that technology has assisted our lives in many ways, there are times that one should just switch off his or her gadgets to enjoy that moment. According to different research works, phone notifications mainly interrupts our off time and can also inject an undercurrent of stress in our systems (Goodman et al., 56). There is a need to make quality time for family as well as other hobbies like swimming.


In conclusion, it is clear from the discussion that sometimes it is hard to find a balance between school, work, and hobbies. However, there is a need to create time for each one of them to have a balanced life.

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