About Domestic Violence

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Assessment Tools for Domestic Abuse

Individuals who are at risk of domestic abuse are assessed using a variety of techniques. The Danger Assessment is one of the tools used in this type of assessment (DA). The instrument analyzes people who have been victims of domestic violence, particularly immigrant women. The DA tool for Immigrant Women (DA-1) consists of 26 items with yes or no response options. The questions in this tool are weighted in such a way that they can aid in detecting the increased risk of intimate partner homicide. Typically, the test measures the chances of repeated assault and assists immigrant women in making safety plans. The tool is also critical in helping individuals to document the frequency as well as the severity of abuse. Thus, through the tool, women can understand the pattern as well as the seriousness of the abuse or violence they have been going through (Messing et al., 2003)

Educating Professionals for Domestic Abuse

The aspect means that those professionals who deal with such women ought to be cautious. They should assess the individuals who are risks of this violence and provide them with the necessary education that is in line with their culture. The tool is essential as it meets the needs of the target group through education. The DA as a tool also satisfies the needs of the administrators as they can assess the risk level of the intended individual. However, the aspect of gender bias should also be considered as men too can be victims of gender violence.

Considering Cultural Values in Domestic Abuse

Cultural values should be regarded in the implementation of ideas as in some communities, leaving a spouse violates some values. Regarding the source, Tennessee is the service providers that serve victims of domestic violence. Tennessee offers a crisis hotline that operates 24 hours a day. The services provide an emergency shelter for children, women, as well as men. They provide shelter, transitional houses, as well as follow-up services aimed at encouraging and supporting victims. The DA tool would be a critical resource that Tennessee can implement to gauge the risk of domestic violence as well as offer education to victims. (DVPSAS, 2015)


Domestic Violence Program and Sexual Assault Services (DVPSAS). (2015). Services. Retrieved from http://dvpshelter.org/services/

Messing, J. T., Amanor-Boadu, Y., Cavanaugh, C. E., Glass, N. E., & Campbell, J. C. (2013). Culturally competent intimate partner violence risk assessment: Adapting the danger assessment for immigrant women. Social Work Research, 37(3), 263-275.

April 26, 2023

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