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The goal of Safe Steps, formerly the Women's Domestic Crisis Service, is to protect women and children from abuse. The organization's actions are focused on empowering victims of violence. The Family Violence Response Center operates around-the-clock, so any problems that arise must be addressed at all times. As a result, this report examines the family violence problems this organization has to deal with, as well as client requirements, job descriptions, eligibility information for services, procedures, and protocols, among other specifics.

Safe Steps is an organization that speaks out against violence in homes, workplaces, and community at large. The organization connects to women and children through providing information in order to ensure the safety of these people. Women living with violence including those with disabilities, women without permanent residency status among others with complex needs have benefited from Safe steps. Children who have been violated or those who have witnessed violence are helped in the organization. Counseling the psychologically affected children and treating those with physical injuries is the mandate of Safe steps. Rescuing of these victims from the abusers is a task carried out by the organization. The organization maintains immediate response to the victims needs..

According to Safe steps website, the mode of communication is fast and reliable which translates to instant response to emerging issues. Public education on family violence is being carried out by safe steps and this targets not only the victims but also the general public which then translates to the accountability of each informed individual.


People facing physical abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse and psychological abuse are high in number. According to Australia Institute of Criminology (AIC) 2015, one woman is killed by her partner or former spouse in Australia every week. A number of these victims or witnesses seek for help from rescue centers such as safe steps while there are others who are too scared to report. The clients seek protection, counseling, shelter and even a forum for them to get justice. The most vulnerable clients accessing safe steps are the persons with disability and women with children.

Safe steps has offered a number of solutions to these people and many lives have been saved. Anyone feeling threatened can call the emergency number 000 or alternatively report to the police. The organization helps the victims of violence at no cost. Professional support is given to the victims and their family members. Women and children who have not yet escaped from the abusers are given the options are the strategy to leave their abusers while the abusers are reported and arrested by the police. Those who are at risk of violence are given advance information in order to prevent future cases of violence. This is done through online platforms and a response line on 1800015188 is provided which then any person can be guided on planning on his or her safety (Martin, 2015).


Safe steps is a well rounded problem solving mechanism. Accommodation, counseling and advocacy form part and parcel of the organization’s activities. Often the victims have to escape from the abusers meaning that they will end up homeless until they can feel safe to return to their homes or at least find new homes to settle down (Lake, 1999). Women and children who are at risk of serious injuries or even death are accommodated in a safe place. A refuge accommodation is also provided for by safe steps. This is a longer period of accommodation. The victim is given the time and the space to fix or solve their problems. Rental accommodations are availed to them for a certain period of time depending on the needs of an individual. Children can also be enrolled in new schools as a solution towards the challenge they are facing is found. There are instances whereby the victims may not want to leave their homes to which safe steps comes in to strategize with them on the way forward in order to ensure their safety. Counseling those emotionally and psychologically burdened is done by professionals. Safe steps plays a role in advocating for the voices of those experiencing family violence. The organization pushes towards policy changes, reforms in the legal arena, increased funding, women in leadership among other issues promoting the positive changes influencing domestic violence.


Women with or without children and women with disabilities seeking assistance due to their victimization are eligible to access safe steps’ services. The primary goal of the organization is to eliminate violence among women and children. Safe steps is functional at all times hence anyone seeking assistance is catered for. Referral procedure for women and children who need practical assistance will be first discussed by the organization before referral is made. Those with serious injuries will be referred to specialists in order to deal with the health issue before it’s too late. The institution has various channels and many professionals hence tackling issues as they came is possible. Meeting the client needs including those requesting for referrals and even any recommended referral is provided for (Martins, 2015).


The feminist theory largely supports the work of Safe steps. Feminism states that domestic violence is as result of a patriarchal system whereby there is an unequal distribution of power which explains why women are undermined in the society (Martins, 2017). In the long run men have misused their power to the extent of treating the women and their children with brutality. Australia was among the earliest countries to champion for women rights. After New Zealand in 1893, Australia followed in giving women the right to vote (Lake, 1999). Australia is a home of many feminist movements including Edith Cowan, the first woman parliamentarian. The business of male dominance has been widely fought against by feminists. Feminist organizations in Australia have promoted financial independence of women, equal pay, access to abortions and reduction of male violence against women.

Australia is among the top countries internationally to propel feminism. Safe steps is a true believer that men and women should be treated equally. It is observed that most of the abusers are the male counterpart. It is for that reason that safe steps struggles to give a voice and life to all women and children living with violence. Evidently the approach has been very effective (Lake, 1999). An empowered and an independent woman mean that her children will be protected from possible abuse. The abuser will be scared since the woman has the means to protect herself and at the same time she can provide for herself. Women leadership ensures that the needs of women at large are represented legally.


Safe steps pride itself for its highly rated productivity, clarity in work performance and client confidentiality. Ranging from the ease in accessing the services by the client to the assurance of a solution of the problem yet to be solved, the organization is recognized as one of the most reliable platforms by the victims. More so, it is free to all individuals. Clients can reach out to the organization through social medial channels and help line numbers. The agency is a 24/7 operating system to which victims and anyone else should feel free to seek help.

Yearly reports are published and are available in the organization’s website. Client’s information is collected in order to keep track of the person. Personal information collected is then kept private hence clients should feel comfortable. Clients are free to file any complaints and if not satisfied, the clients can always contact the Australian Information Commissioner.


It is a criminal offence to treat anyone with brutality or subject any person to violence. The perpetrators therefore must be punished for their mistakes as guided by the Criminal Justice System. Safe steps works with the police in ensuring that these abusers are arrested and charged in the court of law. A victim is encouraged to call the police immediately they feel threatened. The police will then ensure that the person feels safe by providing early intervention, arresting the abuser, investigating and prosecuting the perpetrator and any other help that they are in position to cater for (Martins, 2015). The agency on the other hand comes in to give moral support, accommodation and counseling to the victim. In cases whereby the victim is scared to make a police report, it is the mandate of Safe steps to plan and strategize on the best way of bringing the law to force without posing risk to the family of the victim.


Working with safe steps demands a lot of dedication and exposure to different kinds of people. Workers therefore have to monitor their stress, eat well and keep track of themselves at all times. The organization is free to all hence it means that sustaining it is quite challenging. Relying on well wishers and government funding alone cannot sustain the business hence the shareholders are sometimes forced to dig deep to their pockets. Lastly, it is not easy dealing with a violated person who is not willing to cooperate. Many people are unwilling to give their personal information because of fear and as well as love of family. This holds back the organization from rooting out domestic violence in the society.


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July 15, 2023

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