Domestic Violence Research Essay

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On October 10, 2017, at around 01:00 a.m., I was dispatched to S. Parker Road, which was near Apt. 102, to respond to a neighbor's complaint of an interference incident. I parked the car when I got there at 01:22 and entered the flat. The bell was rung, and a man's voice yelled from inside telling me to leave the area. Man opened door after I made it obvious that I was a law enforcement officer. Barry Chinkowski, who I met, welcomed me inside. A woman in the house sat on the sofa with her eyes fixed on the floor. Barry said that they were having no problems and apologized. I enquired from the woman, identified as Sally Chinkowski, if she was alright. She nodded to my question and it was then that I saw that her right cheek was bruised.

On noticing my reaction, the man asked me to leave their house, insisting that everything was okay. He accused me of trespassing and threatened to call his attorney. I asked for backup and requested the man to remain calm and let me do my job.

At about 0130hrs, Winifred Paltrey, a colleague, arrived and escorted Sally for private questioning in the bedroom. I questioned Mr. Chinkowski who said that they had disagreed about money. Sally had apparently made errors when writing down checks, making three of them invalid. Barry stated that the bank charges upset him and he got angry.

Officer Paltrey discovered that Barry pinned his wife on the wall and hit her in the face. I apprehended Barry for assaulting his wife and made him aware of his rights. Officer Winifred assisted Sally to fill the case number on the booklet given to victims as I escorted the offender to our vehicle and drove him to jail to await booking.

July 15, 2023

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