Active Listening

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Active listening between persons participating in an activity is the fundamental and driving ingredient in the success of any endeavor. At that environment, teachers-parent communication must be effective, according to the article, to promote congenial working between instructors and parents for improved teaching and handling of children in learning institutions (McNaughton, Hamlin, McCarthy, Head-Reeves & Schreiner 2008). In that setting, learning to listen properly is a definite way for teachers and parents to understand each other and establish the finest practices in child care.  The best practices and service provision to be effective, teachers have to learn how the parents perceive the handling of the children while in school. For this to be actualized, there must be a good communication environment between the teachers and parents (McNaughton et al., 2008). For this to apply, there must be a well-developed effective listening that is bound to present the best perspective of the communicating parties.

Considering the article, I believe that the writer has presented the best information about effective listening and instruction dictates. With view to his presentation, he has given a clear outline of the effects of effective listening to both the teacher and parent in communication and the associated importance attached to effective listening and laying down of action programmes (McNaughton et al., 2008). The credibility of the article is the number of people used in the realization of the results accrued.

The different people used in the interview and their responses show how reliable the presentation of this article is. The author considers the concept of ethos, logos, and pathos in his work presentation (McNaughton et al., 2008). He involves these concepts through the action of a convincing strategy that uses logical arguments concerning the issue as well as the emotional motive attached to children treatment according to parent’s perspectives. Therefore, the article meets the validity and credibility that can be desired in any presentation through the authors undertaking in convincing the audience of its reliability through the numerous people involved in its structuring.


McNaughton, D., Hamlin, D., McCarthy, J., Head-Reeves, D., & Schreiner, M. (2008). Learning to listen: Teaching an active listening strategy to preservice education professionals. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 27(4), 223-231.

April 19, 2023

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