Analyzing Student Learning

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[The assessment I chose for the analysis was the lesson assessment for the solar system lesson. The students completed an evaluation by answering planet-related questions and naming the solar system. The learners were exposed to the following learning objectives: can I name the solar system, do I know the properties of numerous planets, and can I tackle questions about the solar system with ease.]

b. Create a graphic (table or chart) or narrative summarizing student learning for your entire class. Be sure to summarize student learning for all evaluation criteria submitted in Literacy Assessment Task 3, Part D.

[The assessment focused on all the students irrespective of their background and ability. Students performance on the assessment were on a scale of 1 to 4 were 4 was excellent, 1 not meeting the expectation in the lesson plan, 2 was developing the expectation and three was good to mean meeting the expectations raised in the lesson plan

Assessment scale

No. of students who scored the scale










c. Use evidence found in the 3 student work samples and the whole class summary to analyze the patterns of learning for the whole class and differences for groups or individual learners relative to

the essential literacy strategy

related skills

Consider what students understand and do well, and where they continue to struggle (e.g., common errors, confusions, need for greater challenge).

[ ]

d. If a video or audio work sample occurs in a group context (e.g., discussion), provide the name of the clip and clearly describe how the scorer can identify the focus student(s) (e.g., position, physical description) whose work is portrayed.

[The above table was formulated based on the assessment which was provided after the second lesson in day two. The learners were asked to label the solar system in an incomplete solar system chart, they were also asked to answer questions that required the knowledge of characteristics of the solar system. 6 learners demonstrated excellent mastery of the content, portrayed an average knowledge, 4 were developing mastery while 3 of the total class did not show mastery of the content. Challenges that the learners exhibited was in the characteristics of the individual planets. Some learners confused the order of the planets.]

2. Feedback to Guide Further Learning

Refer to specific evidence of submitted feedback to support your explanations.

a. Identify the format in which you submitted your evidence of feedback for the 3 focus students. (Delete choices that do not apply.)

Written directly on work samples or in separate documents that were provided to the focus students

If a video or audio clip of feedback occurs in a group context (e.g., discussion), clearly describe how the scorer can identify the focus student (e.g., position, physical description) who is being given feedback.

[ ]

b. Explain how feedback provided to the 3 focus students addresses their individual strengths and needs relative to the learning objectives measured.

[Feedback that the result of the assessment provided showed the ability of the learners and clearly defining the learners and thus providing the teacher with the information required in the preparation for future classes so as to cater for the individual needs. The assessment importantly comes in middle of the four lessons to ensure that the teacher address students with individual special needs.]

c. Describe how you will support each focus student to understand and use this feedback to further their learning related to learning objectives, either within the learning segment or at a later time.

[For example, the labeling the solar system was the less complex idea in the content while description of the planets was considered complex, learners who could not label the planets were considered weaker and thus given more attention, the learners who demonstrated excellent mastery of the content were given additional assignment to keep them from being bored in class during the assessment exercise]

3. Evidence of Language Understanding and Use

When responding to the prompt below, use concrete examples from the video clip(s) and/or student work samples as evidence. Evidence from the clip(s) may focus on one or more students.

You may provide evidence of students’ language use from ONE, TWO, OR ALL THREE of the following sources:

Use video clips from Literacy Instruction Task 2 and provide time-stamp references for evidence of language use.

Submit an additional video file named “Language Use” of no more than 5 minutes in length and cite language use (this can be footage of one or more students’ language use). Submit the clip in Literacy Assessment Task 3, Part B.

Use the student work samples analyzed in Literacy Assessment Task 3 and cite language use.

a. Explain and provide concrete examples for the extent to which your students were able to use or struggled to use

selected language function,

vocabulary or key phrases, AND

Discourse or syntax to develop content understandings.

[Using the student work samples, especially the tasks that required description, the learners’ language competence was tested on the way they used technical terms in their description. Most learners did not have problems related to language competency. They effectively used technical terms like the solar system and other key astrological terms used in the lesson. Understanding of the language of instruction was also exhibited through proper response to class oral questions and the students work sample]

4. Using Assessment to Inform Instruction

a. Based on your analysis of student learning presented in prompts 1b–c, describe next steps for instruction to impact student learning:

For the whole class

For the 3 focus students and other individuals/groups with specific needs

Consider the variety of learners in your class who may require different strategies/support (e.g., students with IEPs or 504 plans, English language learners, struggling readers, underperforming students or those with gaps in academic knowledge, and/or gifted students needing greater support or challenge).

[Considering the analysis of the learners from the mid-unit assessment the learners’ unique abilities is established, this is important in making sure that future lessons covering the rest of the are addressed keenly with consideration to the abilities of the learners. The assessment reveal area of difficulties in the initial stages, this is important for understanding the complex content require proper background knowledge from the simpler content. Assessment assures the instructor that the simpler content is understood before commencing to a more complex subject area. Underperforming learners revealed by this assessment can be helped by creation of remedial sessions with the instructor for further emphasis on the content.]

b. Explain how these next steps follow from your analysis of student learning. Support your explanation with principles from research and/or theory.

[The assessments done for the students not only help the instructor know the ability of the learners concerning content mastery but are also a key step towards creating intrinsic motivation. The marks scored by the individual learner in the assessment helps them create personal targets which in turn motivates them to work harder in order to achieve these targets. This principle of creating self-motivation within the learners plays a key role in ensuring the proper mastery of the content by the learners]

April 13, 2023

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