Can You Cut Turn Times Without Adding Staff?

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Researchers have looked into the important elements that affect a business's organizational development (OD). The issue of turn times is one of the crucial business procedures. Companies might not have the luxury of adding more workers in order to increase efficiency due to a lack of resources. Businesses can actually enhance turn-around times without necessarily adding workers, if several cases are any indication. The proper data collection process is necessary for this, though. Bernstein and Buell (2016) put forward one major organizational problem that is faced by RSA Ground, the subsidiary of Rising Sun Airlines. In just one year, the turn times has slipped from an impressing 12 to 20. Here, the turn time refers to the average time that is taken in the cleaning, checking, re-stocking, and refueling of aero planes.

Kentaro Hayashi, the president of RSA Ground, is facing a dilemma. Improving the turn times requires an increase in the number of staff. Yet, he knows that there is little probability that the company can approve such a request. The question then becomes if a company can cut the turn times without a corresponding increase in the number of employees.

Data Collection Tools/Approaches

When companies are faced with such a situation, the most viable and sustainable option is to identify the challenges that are facing the cut out times and propose possible solutions. According to Warrick (2016), the diagnosing organization systems model is an effective method of data collection. In addition to that, it is a comprehensive method of dissecting the anatomy of an organization. The author adds that the model is critical in looking at the input of the business, the design components (otherwise known as the processes), and the output of the organization. In addition to that, it puts into consideration the change needed, the extent of intervention, and the issues that are worth consideration.

The reason for choosing this data collection method is that the management of RSA Ground should understand what is happening on the ground in order to make informed decisions. Hayashi, using an undercover technique notes that the employees are not motivated.

The type of data that might emerge from the use of the diagnosing organization systems includes the impact that Lady Stopwatch has on the behavior of the employees. Furthermore, the model helps Hayashi to learn that a significant number of the employees take the job because they cannot secure another job.

The data helps the company to decide the issues that are worth consideration. Hiring extra employees is a lofty goal. However, the same employees can be better trained and motivated in order to cut down the turn times. The employees note that experience leads to a faster way of working.

Again, the method can help in capturing the data as it relates to the company’s managers. In addition to that, the employees who offer an extraordinary performance can be singled out and compensated accordingly. Like Starbucks, the company should be able to push through the best practices.

According to Cheung-Judge and Holbeche (2012), the diagnostic initiatives are intervention activities. Therefore, the process of designing the right initiatives will lead to fast-tracked outcomes. This will lead to a paradigm shift on the workings of the organization.


Organizational development is saturated with innovation. It is therefore a good starting point in turning around the fortunes of a company. Overall, effective organizational development stems from a comprehensive audit of the company and making the necessary changes thereof.


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March 02, 2023
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