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Most people don't know the kind of careers they like in their lives, some of them wind up in careers that don't suit them well, or that they're not in their interests. I have been able to learn that some of the occupations people do engage in have been proposed to them by other people. Others do not have the time to analyze the professions in their interests, nor do they carry out analysis on the positions they choose to pursue in their lives. My case is unique in this situation, I have always been passionate about being a restaurant manager. There are a variety of careers, but the problem arises when it comes to finding the right job that well fits your interests. People may develop interests in the various careers available, but it is not possible to choose many careers at once. For one to be successful in his/her career, he/she needs to carry out adequate research regarding the same so that they don’t have to complain in future for having chosen the wrong career. A career path is not a one-day event but a lifetime event, therefore, one must be extra careful when undertaking such a move in settling in his final career. I have carried out various inquiries regarding my career as a restaurant manager, and I have been able to come up with a stand regarding it. For to answer to this realization, I have come to understand that, if there is possibility of making a living by being a restaurant manager, then I am going to practice it no matter what, at whoever cost because that is my passion and interest is the primary determinant of every decision we make in life (Baruch & Lavi-Steiner, 2015).

1. Career choice

Being a restaurant manager is a critical step in keeping one updated with all matters (latest developments) taking place in the industry. In enriches, one's knowledge as far as the general industry is concerned. It requires one to identify various factors that will lead to competitive advantage in the industry such as adopting new kitchen techniques or developing new software to enhance customer satisfaction.

The reason as to why I am choosing restaurant management as my career is due to the type of activities that take place in the restaurants and how they benefit the general public as that is my passion. I like offering services to people; my joy comes in when other people are satisfied. Restaurant deals with offering services and this are their central pillar. To build a loyal clientele in the restaurant, it is important to apply effective and efficient management tools and techniques that meet the needs of the customers so that they can remain loyal. I firmly believe that I can handle this effectively given my interest in that field. Unsatisfied customers can badmouth about your restaurant, and that can chase away customers hence loss of income to the restaurant. This means the collapse of the source of revenue to restaurant manager as well as the owner. I do believe that I have git adequate management skills and cannot let my customers go unsatisfied, with that, I am guaranteed income all through the operations of the business (Gordon & Brezinski, 2016).

Customer experience in restaurants is always based on the management effectiveness. Customers find it joyous to have a restaurant that meets their needs in the right way and promptly. Restaurant managers are aiming at creating high standards, upscale facilities, playful and attractive restaurant surroundings so that they can attract more customers to their business. I do have adequate skills in the ways of improving surrounding that can make customers happy when they visit the restaurant. I have got the capability of designing the restaurant surroundings such that, the customers will always come back and back again. These skills I possess are driving me to become a restaurant manager. Customers need to be happy always, and that also leads to self-fulfilment.

Efficient management of a restaurant is all about communication. One has to communicate with clients, staff and other parties outside the restaurant. Ensuring effective communication whether the physical or electronic communication is very vital in the operations of a restaurant. As for me, communication is not an issue and firmly believe that, once I become a restaurant manager, all will be well and communication will be active all through the organization. With effective communication, all stakeholders’ issues are addressed timely and in the right manner leaving all people satisfied.

2. Strengths and weaknesses

Currently, I do believe that I have got all the skills needed in restaurant management. Having identified the areas covered under restaurant management above, I fit well in those activities regarding possessed expertise and knowledge. My skills supplement the strengths. In restaurant management, there is need to ensure customer satisfaction by providing that there are several factors put in place that make the customers happy. I have got a comprehensive knowledge in arts and design and having participated successfully in various contests concerning how to make people happy; I think I can adequately handle the management very well. Again, I am talented in communication; I do understand that communication is two way, there must be a sender and a receiver. I always insist in this as it makes the communication process complete. With the adequate skills I have in communication, this will no longer be an issue in my management career. I have served several years I community service policing. Therefore I have got adequate knowledge in delivering services to the public in general; I do believe that this is a strength in my career as it entirely constitutes of service delivery to people. In the case of my weaknesses, at the moment I have not identified any, not unless in future when I will have become a practicing restaurant manager. At the moment, I feel that I have got all that is required to act in a position of a restaurant manager.

3. Personality type

According to the TypeFocus Personality Assessment (2016), I do fit well in the following letters.

I (introvert)

Characterized by being loud and gain knowledge when alone. A for me, most of the times I make viable decisions when am alone in a closed place, and whenever I deliver my findings or any other form of communication, I make sure that I am loud enough so that other people get me right. I have got few close relationships, and I always concentrate on my work.

S (sensing)

I always take the time to make my decisions; I involve all the five senses I have to been able to come up with a viable decision. My decisions are always based on facts and concrete data and not on mere assumptions. I like being practical and realistic in all my undertakings.

T (Thinking)

My decisions are always head driven and heart driven. I am impersonal in nature, and it is very hard to upset me with remarks that are different from my opinions. Am always guided by the truth, critical thinking, and application of logic in my undertakings.

J (judging)

I am always organized in my activities; I prefer finishing the same job before going for others. I make sure that I am responsible for my undertakings and ensure that they are well structured, controlled, organized and that they are in line with the established plans (Myers-Briggs, 1-12).


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July 24, 2021



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