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Career Choice and Factors Influencing it

Career choice extends beyond training, job description, career outlook, education requirement, and even the salary. The decisions an individual makes towards choosing a career can be influenced by other numerous factors. Some of these other factors include childhood fantasies, interest, life role, skills and talent, personality type, previous experience and, social and economic conditions. There have been many theories in the career field development and are required to be considered before making a choice to enroll in a career. Nonetheless, it is clear that not all these theories explain everything and it is, therefore, worthy to consider these aspects from different perspectives.

Interest in Working as an Airport Ticketing Clerk

Personally, my interest is to work in an airport as a ticketing clerk, particularly in the customer service field. This includes being an officer who issues tickets for airlines at the airports. In most cases, they are commonly the first to greet customers entering the airport. Often, they have uniforms for identification and for security purpose. This conclusive decision has been after a thorough examination of the external and internal environment of the career field. The central aim of focusing on this profession arises from my need for satisfaction despite other aspects like work-life balance and quality of life. Interaction with people from different backgrounds as an airport ticketing clerk can offer the satisfaction that I need in my profession.

Choosing a Profession Based on Personal Interest

Indiscriminately, every profession could be rewarding depending on the individual's perspective. There are many other professional careers where one interacts with customers, but personally, my decision to this profession can be termed as conclusive. By comparing my profession with a financial clerk, an area I might have had interest in, one would still interact with other researchers with different scientific backgrounds and get exposure to different points of view and ideas. Contrary, financial clerks concentrate mainly on the scientific background, that is, economics or mathematics and other business problems other than social background which limits my entire interest in the profession. Rewarding aspects such as a good pay and a healthy environment may not necessarily be my key to focus.

Challenges and Positive Aspects of the Profession

Every profession has its own challenges but most often, the positive aspects that drive the individual to that profession outweigh them by choosing to focus on the positives. For instance, airline ticket clerks must be in a position to work varying shifts. The airline ticket facility is a 24-hour business, therefore one must be able to work in the required shift which may include weekends, nights, holidays and even overtime hours. The level of insecurity that comes along with air travel is also a challenge to the profession since it becomes the duty of the customer service clerks to make passengers feel welcome.

The Importance of a Potential Vision in a Profession

A potential vision is about what an individual wants to achieve in a profession and therefore, it enlightens an individual on what is possible and reveals the distinction between the current and the previous work. Clarity is an ideal factor in a potential vision. It should actually be the first step in a goal. Majority of people fail to achieve their goals due to lack of clarity of vision about what they actually want to accomplish in life. Common reasons for lack of clarity are due to little commitment and at times, lack of time in developing clarity of vision toward the profession and even the future. The importance of an organizational mission, values, and competencies suggest states the direction of an organization which can be traced to individuals who also have a goal to accomplish. A desirable goal is a credit to potential vision since it clarifies what one's desire is. It as well helps one to understand the importance of pursuing them with absolute commitment. These goals help to develop personal or other individuals' potential. Conclusively, a potential vision should match the organization success measures. These measures, both personal and organizational should be realistic and achievable, otherwise, the entire career vision might not be attainable, which might leave one demotivated and frustrated.

Communication Skills and Other Essential Requirements

I would rate my communication skills as excellent. I am able to speak loud and clear enough to be heard besides being able to deliver bad news in a kinder and gentler way. This essentially creates a foundational entry into the profession. Technology has largely impacted on the number of ticket agent jobs available. At the same time, the level of competition is expected to be very stiff. This would require me or another individual with the same vision to have a higher degree of intellectual competence. From this knowledge, determination, consistency and a positive attitude, give a sense of direction towards the achievement.

Steps and Qualifications to Become an Airline Ticketing Clerk

Every profession has a series of steps that require an individual to follow in order to get there. For an airline ticketing clerk, the basic level required is a high school diploma followed by training in the respective airline facilities. This training involves classroom learning for a week or two, which is later accompanied by training by shadowing a skilled ticketing clerk. New clerks initially start by handling passengers' luggage, completing ticket forms, handling seating assignments as well as reserving tickets for passengers. Some sales position or extensive customer service would be a good starting point to gain the experience needed in this field. Training on the basic computer and typing skills is also required in the navigation of the ticketing system. Apart from the intellectual professionalism, physical ability to tolerate loud noises and even stand for the entire period of the shift is required. Often, airlines experience bad weather and equipment malfunctions that change or even cancel flights. The ability to advise travelers, calm stressed passengers and preparedness to resolve customers' problems when possible is required. Ticketing clerks check-in luggage for most of their travelers, therefore the ability to push or pull between 30 to 100 pounds contributes to this profession. Other qualifications include the ability to work in a fast pace and in a changing environment, being able to work alone or as part of a team, proven customer relation and a cash management experience.

Positive Aspects and Fulfillment in the Career Sector

Most importantly, in the positive aspects of my career sector, I will have a great deal of enthusiasm for all things that relate to travel and airplanes. It will also give me a chance to make people's dreams of vacation come true. Additionally, I will have a chance to relate with people from many backgrounds and help them get through each day by helping them acquire information and a friendly smile. Many people have negative views on plane travels and I would want to change such views. Working in this particular sector will also give me a sense of fulfillment.

Motivation and Inspiration in Career Pathway

Essentially, motivation has been a fundamental aspect of inspiration that has contributed to this decision-making process. Admiring people in our lives is a usual experience that we go through. It is evident that a career pathway is never easy and through interaction, with parents, relatives, and colleagues, we get inspired to achieve ours as well. Through a share of experience, an airport manager is supposed to oversee all the daily operations in an airport. These operations range from Federal Aviation Administration procedures and instruction to negotiate airport contracts and charters. They have quite a number of responsibilities for supervising, implementing and devising operation procedures. They may be on-call sometimes due to their high level of professionalism in order to respond to emergencies quickly.

Commitment and Challenges in Professional Careers

From his experience, every career pathway requires an unlimited level of commitment. Having started from a bachelor's degree in public administration and completed an internship, one was required to enroll in further studies in airport management and administration. In spite of having knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulation and Transport Security agency requirements and possessing good communication skills, a 4-year experience was also required. In this professional career, there are challenges, just like in any other career. Every individual has little knowledge challenges when preparing to achieve greater success. Therefore, it is not possible to fit in another person's career and one's interests. However, senior professionals and successful leaders act as role models to new individuals in professional careers but they also experience different demerits. For instance, the manager is mostly bound by the office and has little relation with passengers, unlike the ticketing clerks who have plenty of time. These professions might seem hierarchically different, though, the most significant factors to consider are those that give a sense of fulfillment that one may need. These include professional development, personal values, and the opportunity to use one's skills in a meaningful way to achieve job satisfaction.

October 24, 2023

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