Comparing the film Thirteen Days Historical Credibility and Accuracy to the actual Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

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Taking Kennedy's "third way" plan and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, we'll see whether or not the film provides accurate and balanced historical information. The film's political stance will likely make some people uncomfortable, but it will be an entertaining and engrossing thriller regardless of how accurate the information is. We'll also discuss the film's lack of risk and its political focus.

Comparison of Thirteen Days

A Comparison of Thirteen Days Historical Credibility and Accuracy to the Original Documentary is a necessary step toward understanding this largely forgotten episode in American history. The movie makes a complex crisis easy to understand by providing more details and documentation than most written histories. Most American historians are solipsistic and write history as if all evil and good is created in America, which is not the case.

In addition, Thirteen Days misrepresents the military, including its role in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The film shows a high degree of tension between President Kennedy and his advisers. While the chiefs of staff largely recommended direct military action, they tried to argue against it. As a result, they did not support the president's decision to delay direct military action and instead announce a blockade.

Kennedy's aggressive controlling personality

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the role of the United States government was transformed. Cold War relations between the United States and Soviet Union were rewritten, and the Cuban Missile Crisis reset many of the unstated rules of nuclear relationships. While nuclear weapons are destructive and rapidly deployed, they also represent a real threat to peace. Kennedy memorialized these "13 days" in his memoir Thirteen Days: An American President's Memoir

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Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

Comparing the film Thirteen Days Historical Credability and Accuracy to the Cuban Missle Crisis in 1962: The movie has many problems, not the least of which is its depiction of the Joint Chiefs. This fictional group is portrayed as chaotic and overly inept, in a movie that would be untrue to reality. This group was actually a well-intentioned and highly influential ad hoc executive committee of the National Security Council. While the real-life members of the Ex-Comm were generally viewed favorably by the Kennedys, the film makes their presence seem like a circus.

While the film does not claim to be historically accurate, the film makes three points clear: First, the missile crisis was a real one, in both a political and medical sense. Second, the film conveys the escalating risk of global catastrophe by accurately reproducing secret tapes. Third, the movie shows the Kennedys as selfless champions of reason.

June 07, 2022
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