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Police officers are required to act and behave in accordance with a code of behavior and other training materials. As a result, a conformist would find it simple to enter the police force because the transition would be straightforward.

Since community policing and crime control involve risk, one must be ready to serve in order to meet the challenges. This job would be ideal for an altruistic person who enjoys maintaining community peace and promoting the welfare of others. A potential police officer ought to be civil. Although in some cases the police should use force, it is important that one is kind, polite and considerate to other people’s needs. The individual also ought to be tolerant, understanding and slow to anger to avoid overacting in certain situations.

2. Five Essential Elements


One must be willing to do the right things at all time without abusing one’s position and compromising it.


A police officer must be devoted to having proper training and serving the nation against the high odds in the career.


The police officer should be decisive, and this enables them to make quick decisions in any situation.


Police officers must be guided by an inner desire to serve the community and not for selfish needs.


Accountability entails being responsible and willing to take consequences for one’s actions.

3. Of all the categories, which is the most important?


The community trusts the police with their security and honesty would hence ensure that the police does not lust after and steal property which he is supposed to guard. Further, the police may be tempted to conceal the truth to cover up for a friend’s mistake or gain benefits during a case, and this would reflect negatively on the police force.

Least important


In most cases, the police officers stretch beyond their work confines to serve the community. It is also common sense that a police officer sets out to protect the nation and they do not have to be reminded of their role in the society. Police is also a human being with an internal value system, and in some cases, they use their intellect and reason to act in situations and not merely because they have a duty in their code of conduct.

4. Why is accepting gifts wrong?

Giving gifts and gratuities to the police is wrong because this may over time make them selfish and partisan. In this case, the police would naturally be inclined to serve the people that promise them most gifts and favors. Accepting gifts can indeed bring more problems to the police fraternity because over time, the police hence stop serving the people for a calling and instead for personal gain and this may also compromise the security.

5. To what extent should a police minimize discretion?

The police should always be analytical before making decisions in any circumstance. Minimizing discretion may hence be necessary for situations where the intent of the crime seems to override the action itself. For instance, in food burglary cases involving a child, the police should evaluate the motive of the deed. The police should strive to give warning in some cases with a follow-up on the suspect’s behavior instead of using force on them. A department can minimize police discretion by teaching them on empathy and fact findings. Officers often fail to limit discretion in their work. In most instances, the police feel that they ought to be forceful to the suspect by making an immediate arrest which means that they lack sufficient time to weigh the options.

July 15, 2023
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