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The main character of the Bros play is Tommy. He is a young 19-year-old undergraduate at Scranton University. Tommy was growing up in New Jersey. He's a little educated and comes from a pretty middle-class background. Tommy has been a playful and adventurous boy since childhood. His Uncle Jos used to tell him tales of adventure, and he was interested in finding fame and riches. When Tommy was 14 years old, he wanted to go on a stroll through the forest, and, by poor luck, a bear grazed on his right cheek. Since then, he has never been personally participating in outdoor activities. By the time he reached nineteen years, he was a master in hunting and adventure because he had gained skills from his childhood experience. He became more respectful of himself.

Tommy is used to walking home from school as he is an adventurous person and considers of his fitness program. He love singing and is a member of a local band for rock and roll music. Their band do their music for fun and not commercial. However, they are called to social events to perform some of their music and get tipped. They do not tag a price for their talent which makes them satisfied alsthough they recognize that their followers enjoy what they do. Sometimes they would go for hiking or swimming and such activities intensified their bond. They als visit cinema and stage shows since the are big funs of art.

The second character is called Timmy, and he is a student at Johnson University. He is nineteen years old. He grew up in a working-class family and he lives in rural Clark Summit, Pennsylvania. Timmy is talkative and social. Like Tommy he loves music and additionally love dancing. He attends shows at school and those he is invited by friends. He is a member of drama club where they perform different shows and like Tommy not for a price but for fun. Howeverm Timmy is more aggressive and despite being talented at he does whenever he has been invited for a show he bargains on the amount of payment. He considers acting as his partytime job since it enables him pay for some bills and have fun. He has leadership skills and has been conveniecing his friends to venture into serious acting.

He has been living with his parents but have been considering of moving out to find privacy and be able to accomplish the things he desire. He has been learning to play a guitar and currently he has mastered almost all keys. He says that he want to use the guitar sounds to create effective sound tracks for their plays.

The costumes analysis of Tommy and Timmy

Tommy’s costume anyalsis

physical features and injuries

He has a short beardsand blue eyes. Tommy’s right cheek has a trace of a thin scar. He is a Caucasian young man who is obbseed with his hair and dying his hair is part of his attire. He likes makeup but not exergerated unless the scne he play prompts for it. Tommy loves the casting Antonio, which he borrows from his favorite actor Antonio Banderers who is his role model as a singer, actor and director of movies. He works out a lot starting from daily walking from scholl which is part of his physical fitness program. He admires his role model for his physical appearance in the movies as a well build. He considered this stature an intimidating appearance to dsicourag people who migh try to get aggressive towards him or in his presence.


He is wearing brown-dyed leather armor, a black belt and expensive timberland boots, and a sword that hangs from his belt. His he wearning a tshirt and a shirt which is unbuttoned to reveal his physique. To enhance his cowboy look he is wearing a leather armor and stands besides a superbike looking calm but aggressive at the same time. the leather shows he is existing in a hostile environment and also is part of a gear to be safe while riding the motorcycle at a high speed.

Timmy’s costume anylasis

physical features and injuries

Timmy has a long brown hair, green eyes, and a red dragon tattoo on his right arm. His hair is short well trimmed which makes hi look neat. He arely wear a ties but prefers to have an official look. He is mediam built and do not work out hard as Tommy. He is carrying a back pack with some drinks and books for he is a traveler and anytime of the day is ideal for him to move around the city and catch some fun or share some with his collegues. He also has just a small beared under his chin but moustache is complexly shaved. His eyebrows are concentrated which blend well with his forehead.


Timmy is wearing a khaki trouser, colorful shirt with a cloth wrapped around his shoulders. He is also wearing two earing on his right and left ears. He is a fun loving person so he sometimes where shorts and fliers to get that fresh air while walking in the stress. His clohing also signify a decent person who loves his peace and catious of who he deals with. His carrying of a novel in his back pack reveals an intellectual person.

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