Cybersecurity Careers: Safeguarding the Digital Frontier

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Specialists of cybersecurity are in growing demand as cyberattacks and hackers become ever larger problems. There are several employment opportunities for these experts. For example, one can choose to be an information systems officer, network security coordinator, data and internet security specialist, and even the computer forensics consultant (Forbes Welcome). In this field, the employment is projected to grow by about 18% between 2014 and 2024, which is considered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as much faster than the median for all occupations. For example, in May 2015, the average salary for workers in cybersecurity was $90,120 (Horowitz and Lucero 59). For sure, this is a profession that any student looking for a career growth would consider pursuing.

Often, studies in cybersecurity are a concentration within the computer science’s larger discipline, even though there are also other stand-alone programs at the level of undergraduate. Specifically, those interested in a degree in cybersecurity typically earn a Bachelor of Science or Associate of Science. Students are trained in the practices in computer forensics, the use of firewalls, as well as the applications in network security (Horowitz and Lucero 61). Moreover, students who consider majoring in cybersecurity are also provided with an opportunity to learn other computer courses such as operating systems, programming, and web design, in addition to the general classes of education (Lehto 1).

Working professionals in this field will find it necessary to take other supplementary certification courses that the software companies and manufacturers offer in order to stay on top of the rapidly changing industry of ICT (Lehto 3). The path to a career of computer security begins with a degree program at the bachelor’s degree or associate’s level. Such programs help in preparing students to pursue in-demand jobs of protecting networks and computer systems from cyber threats.


The world of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) has developed immensely in several regions over the past two decades at dramatic rates. Also, the systems of the computer are known to be one of the most reliable tools in daily life which represent both future and present (Lehto 5). Obviously, ICT knowledge is used in various areas such as hospitals, entertainment, media, and business industries. For this reason, many people would consider fulfilling a career such as cybersecurity which allows them to connect with the rapidly growing perception of the computer systems (Forbes Welcome). In addition, the profession uses the most effective strategy for minimizing and mitigating the effects of cyberattacks by building a solid foundation upon which the cybersecurity technology stack is grown.

The cybersecurity’s history began with a project of research. A man called Bob Thomas realized the possibility of a computer program to move across a network as it leaves a trail wherever it goes. The program which was later liked by Ray Tomlinson was named Creeper (Horowitz and Lucero 63). It was designed to travel between the terminals of Tenex in the early ARPANET. Another program, Reaper was then written to act as antivirus software for chasing and deleting the Creeper. At this point in the cybersecurity history, computer viruses began to cause a serious threat. Currently, cybersecurity experts are equipped with the necessary tools to deal with any threats in the computer systems.

Job Prospects and Outlook 

Cybersecurity is one of the growing professions in the technological field in the modern world. As the technological advancement becomes the order of the day, this trend of growth will have to continue for the foreseeable future (Cleary and Felici 2). Thus, there is a ready market for the graduates of this field of study. Moreover, cybersecurity has played an essential role in ensuring the protection of assets of information technology of several institutions (Horowitz and Lucero 64). Possibly, piracy has been increasing in the information technology’s use.

According to Forbes Welcome, the act of piracy is quite discouraging to both persons and several organizations who rely majorly on the information technology (Horowitz and Lucero 66). Practically, the systems of entities and establishments are usually invaded by the majority of software pirates with the aim of executing their malicious activities (Lehto 7). In most cases, the pirates alter the data, obtain confidential information, or even large sums of finances from the institutions of banking once they have successfully accessed a system (Cleary and Felici 5). As a result, the owners of these systems incur a lot of loss. The clients of various organizations such as banks are also indirectly affected since they will tend to be more worried about the safety of their personal details.

The worst scenario occurs when the cybercriminals manage to access sensitive information system that the FBI owns (Lehto 9). For this reason, majoring in cybersecurity is essential as it helps in putting the necessary measures at par for ensuring that such criminals are denied access to those material. The procedure can only be achieved when people divert a lot of attention to the field of cybersecurity (Forbes Welcome). Therefore, the current situations of the cybercrimes are some of the primary reasons for motivating more students to major in cybersecurity.

Salary and Promotional Possibilities

The most recent average pay for the cybersecurity analysts is $90,120 per year according to the BLS (Horowitz and Lucero 63). Moreover, the highest 10% earns about $150,460, and the lowest 10% earn less than $60,300 (Horowitz and Lucero 64). If one is already in the field of technology, then crossing over to security can mean more pay. The workers of cybersecurity command a salary of at least 10% more than other IT specialists according to the Job Market Intelligence (Horowitz and Lucero 64). There is also the possibility of promotion within the field as the market is expected to grow to $170 billion by 2020 from $75 billion in 2015 (Horowitz and Lucero 65). Presently, there are about 210,000 jobs of cybersecurity in the United States that are not filled, and from the past five years, the postings are up 74% according to the BLS’s analysis of numbers (Forbes Welcome).

The People Who Typically Chooses this Field

The field of study of cybersecurity requires some technical skills in either engineering, information technology, or computers science (Tsoumas and Gritzalis 801). Therefore, students who aspire to study this profession must have excellent knowledge in these fields. A variety of topics in information technology and assurance are covered in the field of cybersecurity (Horowitz and Lucero 67). Students with some background knowledge in various IT fields will find it easy to understand the issues of security that pertain to the information technology.

Practically, all systems of computer rely on the networks for them to function effectively. Such areas of operation are what make the system of computers vulnerable to security. Thus, a deep understanding of the way database, computer network, and operating systems operate is paramount for the understanding the way they are vulnerable to security (Lehto 12). The identification of the loopholes is one of the interest areas during the study of the cybersecurity.

The computer networks have been evident to be one of the harbors of a lot of issues of security. Within this domain, the cybercriminals or pirates can efficiently get access to the data of the individuals or organizations. The main reason here is that the connection of a network provider from one computer to another allows vital information to be shared and assessed by other users (Horowitz and Lucero 68). However, the use of parameters such as passwords can help in preventing such illegal access (Cleary and Felici 6). However, the pirates can eventually gain entry for performing malicious actions since they are equipped with software for cracking the passwords.

Popularity of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is continually becoming more popular in the modern world due to the advancement in the technology. The profession comprises controls and processes designed to protect networks, systems, and data from the cyber-attacks. The main reason for the growth in cybersecurity is to reduce the cyberattacks' risks as well as protecting the individuals and organizations from the exploitation of the unauthorized systems (Lehto 17). Because the technology industry continues to grow, more students are encouraged to major in cybersecurity profession to reduce such malicious activities done by the pirates (Forbes Welcome). In particular, the study of the network security can be helpful in coming up with useful measures for securing the use of computer systems.


It is amazing how quickly the advances in computers have occurred in such a relatively short time. Even though the computer applications and systems are evolving and developing consistently, the more business that uses it records a massive rise in the cybercrime, terrorism, and hacking in particular. For this reason, more students are encouraged to major in this profession to reduce such malicious activities. It is no doubt; such malicious actions can result in the disruption and cause of financial damage to even the most resilient organization. As already noted, people who think about career change in 2018 might want to have a look at the burgeoning market of cybersecurity which is expected to grow to $170 billion by 2010 from $75 billion in 2015.

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September 04, 2023
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