Digital Teaching Resource for Pre-schoolers

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The literacy teaching resource kits nurture development and fulfill the children’s need to learn. Games play multimodal roles in classroom practice (Kuhn, 2018). For instance, the old maid is a play that helps kids learn new words. The game is fun, and it gives children a choice, space, a chance to be spontaneous, and simultaneously teaches the adult understanding and patience. Additionally, literacy play encourages adults to communicate with children. This paper will analyse a digital technology and storytelling teaching resources.  

Identify Specific Concepts and Learning Outcomes  Developed

            The children get curious during literacy play, and they use their imagination. A play game like “go fish” assists the children to read fluently. When playing with letters, the child could develop interest and may ask what the letters mean. The game is critical because it helps in fostering general cognitive development (Roskos, 2017).  Through play, a child may fluently learn to read their names. Playing allows the kid to notice repeated words and asking creates communication between the child and the adult. The outcomes are the child learns the concept of alphabets and develop early reading, discussion, and language.

Identify the Preparation Required, How to Deliver the Activity to the Children and Teaching Strategies Needed to Complete the Activity

Design the setting of a dramatic play area comprising reading and writing materials, a thematic game with literacy materials, and a guidance teacher. “Go fish” and “old maid” need someone to guide the children when they are playing to help them develop the necessary skills. It is essential to make the classroom welcoming and inclusive to everyone (Geng, 2017). Delivery of the activities embraces showing excitement and interest, assisting the kids chooses what they like, reading with the child using a natural and cheerful voice. Additionally, be friendly and helpful to the child and provide the child with events that encourage them to learn and ask questions.

Identify the Developmental Literacy Skills Exposed to Pre-schoolers Toddlers 

            The pre-schoolers’ get exposed to an oral language where they learn vocabulary, listening comprehension. During play, the kids practice particular skills (Flewitt, Messe, & Kucirkova, 2015). Additionally, by using “go fish” and “old maid,” the toddlers acquire the abilities of print knowledge where they will know where to begin reading a book or page and toward which direction. Furthermore, the kid gets alphabet coding skills acquiring the knowledge of the alphabet letters enabling them to learn new words and read fluently.

How to Use Digital Teaching Resource to Explore the Aspects of Teaching Multi-literacies, Code Breaker, Functional User, Meaning Maker, Critical Analyser, and Transformer

            To use digital education resources to explore the aspect of teaching multi-literacies, encourage the kids to use the various languages of the Vtech touch and learn activity desk and let them share with the class what they have studied. The

VTech touch and learn activity desk is an excellent example of a digital teaching resource. The use of digital teaching resources allows the expression of meanings through multiple modes of symbolic representation (Flewitt et al., 2015). Support the numerous ways of meaning-making, ensuring all learners have the opportunity. Additionally, help children to use the programs installed in VTech touch and learn activity desk assist the kids to learn to code in the code breaker. Furthermore, let the kids experience how various parts of the digital teaching resource function by allowing them to use different components and commands and observe how they function.

            Moreover, metalanguage use will be for assisting the kids in explaining variances in the use of oral, written, spatial, gestural, visual, and audio language design elements in everyday communication. Critical analysis would be in the form of game examining which seeks to comprehend play similar to books (Kuhn, 2018). Furthermore, a combination of digital tool knowledge, social engagement, and digital literacy from the VTech touch and learn activity desk will help in instilling critical thinking to the kids. Digital teaching resources assist the kids to learn things while they have fun and in this way, the children will be transforming their lives.   

How to Guide the Children through the Phases of Codebreaker, Text Participant, Text Analyst, and Text User

Use of storytelling when using the “all by myself” storytelling teaching resource may guide the children through the phases of codebreaker because all by myself creates a therapeutic sense aiding the kids to understand code-breaking better. By using relevant, exciting stories, it will be easier for toddlers to comprehend various code breakers, text participant, and how to use and analyse texts. The inclusive group project is a storytelling teaching strategy (Geng, 2017). The kids will be guided in reading and be grouped differently depending on their reading capabilities or those requiring related skills. This strategy will support the learner in discovering the meaning of the texts by themselves. Additionally, the groups will be small and flexible, and from them, the teacher may observe individual learner reading behaviour and text participant, text analyst, and text use of different kids.

Describe How to Guide Children through the Levels of Comprehension Using the Resource Title, Literacy Development through the Inclusion of Critical Literacies in Early Childhood Play-Based Education

            Let the kids look at the title independently then allow them to provide suggestions about what they think the author is signifying. Classrooms need to be more inclusive and supportive of everyone (Geng, 2017). Likewise, offering a variety of literacy books makes the class more inclusive because learners need learning material adapted to their critical literacies. Besides, in the case of the Storytelling teaching resource of all by my self, ensure the kids can process the text in the title and make them understand the meaning by integrating it with what they already know and then let them handle the information.


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August 14, 2023


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