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The study discusses the personality features, workplace attitude, and organizational dedication of my two coworkers, the organization's operations manager and accountant. People's expressions are important because they may either motivate or demoralize those who follow them. As a result, making a favorable impression of oneself is beneficial because it can help someone establish their personality blocks. Their personality features were observed in how they responded to various situations as well as their reactions in various sectors.

The personality traits that best describe the coworkers were considered to occur simultaneously, with one trait coming after the other. Firstly, they had the conscientious trait which implied their aspiration to perform a task well with effective organization and efficient. They planned their work and were dependable to deliver reliable results to the group. Also, they displayed some elements of carefulness, overachieving and high drive to attain the set goals. Secondly, they had a personality trait of agreeableness which involved aspects such as friendly, warm and tactful. They were seen to get along with less trouble with other colleagues and could put others interest before theirs. They had an important objective to bring social harmony to the organization and were trustworthy, cooperative and kind. Thirdly, they showed openness trait whose aspect is presented by few individuals with a broad range of interests. The trait also showed imagination which is active, inner feelings attentiveness and intellectual curiosity with significant correlation which revealed that the qualities were related. Openness brings about positive relationships with knowledge, adventurous, intelligence and creativity.

Fourthly, they had extraversion trait which was described by their ability to enjoy colleagues association, grow well in excitement and their orientation to action. They were also characterized by talkativeness, sociability and assertiveness. Additionally, they had traits such as cheerfulness which showed positive work environment and devotion to the organization success (Nair, 2010). The operational manager had some unusual traits such as charismatic which was seen in his ability to manage and lead the staff to attain mass production of goods and services to serve customers need which recorded high and generated much profit. He was also optimistic and focused on accomplishing the goals set by the organization management; this trait gave the staff who he was managing pressure to work in a positive way to make the set goals a reality. Finally, the two co-workers were intelligent, and it was seen in their ability to handle multiple tasks and their ability to solve problems efficiently.

The description of attitudes which include job satisfaction and organization commitment was highly upheld by the coworkers. Value is a judgmental element that displays what is desirable, right or good. Values lay people perception since they lay a foundation of understanding motivation and attitudes. The coworkers are seen to maintain values in the organization performing what is right and avoiding the wrong, and by so they influence behavior and attitude which is observed by their determination of achieving goals in the group. Therefore, the coworkers’ personal values appear to be consistent with the values of the organization and they have a positive attitude towards the work environment. The alignment of their values with that of the organization is crucial since it brings about their satisfaction and is less likely to quit their positions (Gardenswartz, Cherbosque, & Rowe, 2014). They perform their duties with efficiency and bring about progress and achievement to the organization. Additionally, the coworkers have learned the values of the organization and respond to them in a satisfactory manner regarding different situations. Due to their positive relation with the organization objective performance is attained. The coworkers are assured of the leadership ability of the management to manage the company. They have the right experiences and skills to make strategic decisions and serve customers in an appropriate way which help to grow the company in the right direction. The operational manager communicates other employee interests and company needs to the management while the accountant communicates customers complaints and needs to the manager to ensure that they are addressed accordingly. The coworkers deliver what is expected of them on a daily basis without failing and provide regular feedback on how to improve efficiency and performance in the company.

Their personality traits impacted their workplace attitudes together with other factors. Some traits which are described in the previous paragraph had the influence to the workplace attitude for the differences which the two individuals displayed brought the necessary and healthy growth of the overall team of employees and the organization (Robbins, & Judge, 2015). A trait like openness had the impact to the workplace since it is involved with training and it is flexible in areas requiring learning of new skills. Such a personality trait enabled the individuals to be quick to adjust to new jobs situations. However, with the help of conscientiousness personality trait, the individuals were able to give out predictions about their level of performance, and this brought impact to the field in which they were involved. The personality trait of extraversion displayed inspirational behavior and governance roles. They also enjoyed the workplace relationships which they build together with other employees. Finally, the personality trait of agreeableness had an impact in the workplace since friendship was created among the coworkers and other colleagues they were liked and a strong bond was created among others. This trait was able to create a fair environment for all employees in general.

To sum it up, good personality traits are important aspects for employees to have in any organization since they create a good working environment and also help in the easy attainment of organizational goals. However, in other times not all employees may have the good traits, but the few who have them should be viewed as the company asset since they may help others to be better than they were.


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May 10, 2023

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