Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening Strips

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This paper would provide a scientific approach for determining which of the three brands of teeth whitening strips is the most successful. The first step would be to perform an examination of history tests in order to collect current knowledge on the use, efficacy, and materials used in the manufacture of whitening paste. Once the preceding is developed, an independent test will be taken to determine if the research will base effectiveness on differences in materials used in different products as well as duration before teeth attain the desired whiteness.

Following the identification of the hypothesis, the experiment will identify the independent, dependent, and controlled variables. Given the purpose of the study, the three brands will be used as independent variables, the dependent variable will be represented by the effectiveness of the whitening strips to achieve the desired whiteness, and the control variable will be in ensuring a number of strips are used, duration of use, frequency of use, and that the subject's teeth before the research reflect a similar condition. In addition, the study will use a control group that will be based on similar teeth whiteness as indicated above and will be used as a comparison. This group will not use the whitening strips. The study will thus have four groups that will represent the control group and three other groups which will be categorized under each brand.

The above will focus the experiment towards obtaining qualitative analysis and therefore will use a ranking system in recording data observed.

This data will be obtained from fair tests which will be repeated in different subjects in a controlled positive control environment. Data will be reviewed for completeness, and accuracy thus allowing for an analysis is conducted against the identified hypothesis. The results of the above tests will be communicated in a report format indicating which of the three brands is most effective, or whether they have similar effectiveness.

December 08, 2022

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