Emotional Intelligence and Inate Abilites: Personal Development Planning

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You may have intrinsic abilities, but Emotional Intelligence isn’t one of them. How can you increase your Emotional Intelligence and your abilities to utilize it in business communication?
When the emotional health is down, our level of self-esteem reduces. A low self-esteem is not profitable for business. We, therefore, should work on our emotional intelligence via these methods.
Manage our negative emotions. If we have to alter how we feel about something, we must alter our perception about it.
Effectively manage your stress.
Strive to remain confident at all times. Being who we are, requires us to talk freely about the things that are significant to us. Take a clear stand on diverse emotional issues. Clarify your limits • and what you can tolerate in any relationship. You should be in a position to express complicated emotions where necessary.
• When faced with an unreasonable person or situation strive to remain proactive. When you are angry at a person, take a deep breath before saying something that you may regret later.
• When faced with a difficult task, ask tough questions. Think outside the box. The higher the quality of questions you pose, the better the quality of responses you will get.
2. How many people do you have to be aware of in business communication and in what ways do you need to be aware of them? How does knowing this help you become more Emotionally Intelligent?
• You have to be aware of your emotions to become emotional intelligigent. You should be in a position to feel your emotions as you experience them.
• You yearn for change.
• You become empathetic in nature.
• You develop a sense of curiosity.
3. What place, if any, does perfection have in business communication? How will you use this knowledge to help you communicate more successfully in business?
• People who are emotionally intelligent realize that perfection is impossible to attain. They learn from their mistakes and experiences. Understanding this fact, helps you become emotional intelligent in the following ways.
• They are risk takers. Emotional intelligent people are not sure of the answer. They are go getters. They do what is supposed to be done and at the right time.
• Emotional intelligent people are able to delegate tasks. Ensuring they are effectively done.
• They are quick to take actions. They have instincts that value both flexibility and speed.
• They do not like procrastinating. They will do what needs to be done.
• They are able to decipher what needs to be done and at the right time. They take action basing on the available information.
• They seek success and forward progress.

4. What role does criticism play in improving your business communication? How will you actively seek out criticism?
• Businesses have grown based on customer loyalty. When criticized, you might take the criticism negatively. The key is not how you react to the criticism but what you take away from the criticism. You should use the criticism positively and help your business grow. Seek criticism actively by doing the following:
• Separate yourself emotionally. When you are passionate about your venture, do not take criticism personally. Develop a trend of seeking client feedback as it is imperative to improve your venture.
• Have a role model. It is important to have a mentor and a strong support system when building your venture. Derive inspiration from people who know how to respond to criticism.
• Consult with friends and people you can trust. Evaluate the criticism and use it to improve your business with people you can trust.
• Promote any change that you make. Notify your customers of the changes you have made from their negative feedback. In this way, you will be able to motivate them to give their honest feedback.
• Change how you view criticism. Whether a partner, proprietor or director, criticism is an indicator to grow and improve your venture.

5. What role does Emotional Intelligence play in collaboration? How does collaboration support successful business communication?
Emotional intelligence helps in realization of the collaboration elements. These elements are;
• Communication. You are able to develop an efficient and open information exchange.
• Coordination of the shared and mutual goals.
• Mutual support and the willingness to help each other.
• Cohesion and,
• Aligned efforts.
Collaboration supports business communication in the following ways.
• Helps managers and senior executives model a collaborative behavior. The behavior is then replicated to other junior staff.
• Helps employees create a gifting culture. Involves coaching and mentoring employees build networks and links to work across the corporate boundaries.
• Collaboration helps employees solve their problems and challenges efficiently.
• Helps in creation of a strong sense of community. When employees develop this feeling, they are able to share expertise and knowledge with each other.
• Helps employees understand their roles reducing task ambiguity cases.

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October 20, 2021

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