Expedition with My Family

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The lengthy awaited moment just arrived with a lot of anxiety and anticipation. Everyone used to be full of joy and enthusiasm to the journey. It was that spell of the year again, and the long-awaited ride was on progression. We were visiting my grandmother once more after a year without seeing her. It was going to be the high-quality vacation ever. Ordinarily, I had just a once-a-year experience with her, and this time, I used to be as thrilled as I had always been. Every step of the beginning of our holiday was captivating and adventurous. The journey was lovable and incomprehensible.
The weather looked promising and cool; we ought to feel the conducive nature of the most outstanding journey in our lives. The journey was long, and by the time we had enclosed half of it, I was hitherto fatigued. I slept along the way on several occurrences, but notwithstanding the feeling, I knew it was always valuable visiting my grandmother in Canada.

On arrival, the first thing I spotted was the great lodge that had stayed there for several decades. The setting was serene and unaffected from how I had left it twelve months ago with birds twittering in the background. All this time, my grandmother was inside preparing banquet for all of us. It was a custom for her to make shepherd’s pie, so I constantly looked forward to that every year. When I strode inside, I knew the dinner was going to taste fanciful. The delightful aroma roamed through the house like a stream. Just from that smell, I knew it was going to be her celebrated shepherd’s pie. After talking for about half an hour, I decided to go check out everything that I have missed for a whole year. My parents wanted to help prepare dinner, but my brother and I started to participate in what we loved most up north.

My exhilaration would always start with visiting the lake where I suggested we go swimming before our dinner was ready. My mother always esteemed that idea because my brother and I were great swimmers; we had taken swimming lessons for several years. I always craved to go into the lake, but many times, I had to persuade my brother to go in with me. As I was the most influential, at least based on how my friends perceive me, my brother agreed, and within no time we were in the icy waters of the lake. The water was as cold as a banker’s heart. Every time we were going to hurdle in the lake, we knew the water was going to be cold. Luckily, our bodies always got used to the water very speedily. We had much entertainment on the water and engaged in abundant games. We even used the canoe because we thought that visiting the lake was not worth it unless we had the breeze from the winds over our heads. I cherished the moment more when I recalled that I only got the opportunity once per year.

Later, my brother and I heard our parents calling us to come inside to have dinner. After we ate the pleasant meal that my grandmother prepared for us, my brother and I decided to engage in some form of exploration in the woods. We picked up the equipment out of the shed, and I always preferred my pellet gun. We dashed from our grandmother’s cottage, and soon we were in the forest. The mundane was always on course because the first thing was to engage in the bombardment episodes in the woods. My brother had always been better than me at target shooting, but I wasn't too bad myself. Ultimately, we got too good at shooting the big targets, and we decided to shoot something more stimulating. My brother and I decided to shoot bottle caps from a far distance. The bottle caps were so far that the only way we knew we hit them was if they fell to the ground. A couple hours later, my brother and I started to see the sun setting in the distance. Even though it was glaring to get dark, we still had many activities to come before we had to go to sleep. When we got back to the cottage, we made a big camp fire and started making smores. I personally loved this moment because of my thrilling social skills and talkative nature that all my friends found likeable. It was a moment to amalgamate as a family in a setting where we did not have to worry about schedule, deadlines, and technological expertise because my brother was always fond of sitting secluded on his phone.

In conclusion, it was the time to go back inside my grandmother’s cottage after the adventure. I was convinced that my grandmother was already up because we had taken too long going to the lake, target shooting, and later the story session. As I had prophesied, she was indeed up and appeared to be staring into empty space as if she was counting something in the sky. She seated in a disconcerted state, and she appeared to be in deep thought. I antagonized her and asked her if anything of concern was stressing her up. It was then that she revealed that when our grandfather passed on, she was no longer able to meet her needs as she did when he was alive. She described a touching story that involved lacking money for a long time until she got tempted and decided that she would have to sell the cottage to survive. The revelation came as a huge shock because she had never hinted on selling it neither did anyone believe that it was real. I realized how much of treasure we had lost and that I could no longer come up to this lovely cottage. Going to this cottage was a custom, and it was always had something to look forward to every year.

To this day, I always think about the great times I had up there with my family considering how much I loved to engage in fun. I am, however, upset that my grandmother had to sell her cottage just because she was crumbling and could not afford her personal basic needs. As we were traveling back, I envisaged how important it is to keep in touch with our loved ones especially since we only get to see them once per year if we are lucky. I still try to go up to Canada every year to visit my family, but it is not the same.

July 24, 2021

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