International Business Education in a Global Environment

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This article is about ensuring that international business education is promoted internationally so that universities and countries have a better understanding of how companies operate. This is accomplished as students from universities such as colleges gain sufficient expertise in business matters (Symonds & Miller, 2002). The essay emphasizes globalization activities that discuss multinational schemes that assist countries in developing internationally sustainable business practices. The phenomenon of globalization requires business students to relate in a more integrated manner that ensure the economy is boosted. For example, business students in universities across the world experience challenges such as shift in the social, legal, economic, political, and technological conditions. This poses a threat to the threats that may be incurred within a country’s economy (Warner, 2001). The article therefore has provided conceptual approach that is based on the social, legal, economic, political, and technological conditions which enables students to understand international business culture. Distinct international business initiatives and corporate overseas internship studies make students become more skilled in tackling business related problems thus ensuring that the economies of nations are not detrimentally affected.

Analysis and Conclusion

We can be able to see that nations should be able to ensure that higher education institutions provide eligible educational packages to ensure that their students will be able to cope with the shifting globalization demands. Institutions of higher learning, which require coping with the fast changing market trends needs to begin by integrating international dimensions within their study programs.

The process of unveiling business education overseas requires strict network of cooperation that traverses various academic disciplines as well as institutional boundaries. Students’ exchanges, overseas internship studies, and study abroad programs are complimentary means that offer an all-round education by allowing business students get international exposure. Interactions amongst business students and even corporate managers enhance their global competency.

Why did I choose it?

I chose this article as I found it to be relevant to the business world, which is mainly influenced by well skilled expertise such as business students knowledgeable specified in the field. International business education takes a series of dimensions to ensure that business students understand the globalization framework of business. Overseas internship studies and benchmarking in higher learning institutions allows business students understand the changing market trends as far as business world is concerned.

Additionally, I chose this article as it helps address issues that help build experts who have adequate knowledge about international economy. The international economy is dynamic and therefore there is need to provide effective and efficient study programs that will ensure that students cope with the changing global market.

What did I learn?

I learnt that international business changes fast due to conditions like social, legal, political, economic, and technological factors. This has made many countries to greatly invest in higher learning institutions by ensuring that students are equipped with adequate resources that can help them cope with the rapidly changing international business. I also got interested in the globalization framework whereby countries ensure that the business students within their institutions of higher learning interact through overseas internship studies and exchange programs.


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Journal #2

“In China-U.S. Trade War, Trump would have weapons”

Title of the Article: “In China-U.S. Trade War, Trump would have weapons”

Source of the Article: The New York Times

Author of the Article: Keith Bradsher

Date of the Article: November 10, 2016

Address of the Article:

Summary of the Article

This article is about the trade war that exists between America and China concerning the economic power between them. The president of America, Donald J. Trump opts to use trade as a tool to reshape the economies of the two countries which contains many industries and companies that most people are employed as workers. The American state wishes to cut off tradings with China to enable them bring back the manufacturing jobs such as garment making lost to the country. This practice makes China to fear for the loss of some of its manufacturing companies and imposition of higher tariffs on goods they produce for export processes (Adolph, Quince, & Prakash, 2016).

The harsh American plans would make China retaliate through making strategic strikes at American farmers, Boeing and American Automers. This will ensure that China award Airbus contract given that America is becoming uncooperative in working with them. In addition, China could impose havoc on the supply of American products such as iphones and auto parts where they could restrict export of important materials in the market and this will affect manufacturers. Some leaders like Hillary Clinton claimed that trade war will ensue between America and China with most manufacturers closing down due to higher tariffs imposed (Cheung, 2017). China government spokesman, Lu Kang emphasized on both the two countries need to have a healthy business relationship that would be long-term and prosperous in future. Mr. Trump is against China act of dumping export goods and subsidizing them because this pose a risk of destroying diplomatic relations (Macey, 2017).

Analysis and Conclusion

The China and America trade war could hamper the diplomatic and strategic relations between them. The manufacturing companies would be affected given that China will suffer high tariff charges. This act would also make China to impose restrictions on American products like iPhones and auto parts. In the long-run this acts would lead to trade war between the two countries and promote poor relations and manufacturing reduction.

Why did I choose it?

I chose this article because it gave me insight on how the world superpowers were in differences concerning their economic status. This has made me understand that when trade war happens, the diplomatic and strategic relations between countries are affected. In addition, I understood the harsh and closure of manufacturing companies and firms would occur as a result of the economic war. Leaders from China are pushing for an agreement that will promote smooth governmental relation to enable their trade is boosted. This article got clear points as to why trade is managed and controlled by America.

What did I learn?

I learnt that countries always should have an agreement on how to participate on trade and manufacturing to prevent them from engaging in trade wars in future. A well-organized trade would help promote diplomatic relations that is essential in every government. The key government trading’s should be done with moderation without a country getting involved in the dumping of export materials for its own benefit. Also I learnt that the government of America is a superpower that ensures all manufacturing jobs given to China are brought back to the American people for their benefit.


Adolph, C., Quince, V., & Prakash, A. (2016). The Shanghai effect: Do exports to China affect labor practices in Africa? World Development, 89, 1-18.

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Journal #3

“Sergey Kislyak, Russian Envoy, cultivated powerful network in US”

Title of the Article: “Sergey Kislyak, Russian envoy, cultivated powerful network in US”

Source of the Article: The New York Times

Author of the Article: Neil MacFarquhar and Peter Baker

Date of the Article: March 2, 2017

Address of the Article:

Summary of the Article

This article is about Sergey Kislyak Russian envoy in America who did a lot of networking with the American government officials (High, 2013). Mr. Kislyak at one time hosted a dinner in his mansion where top American government officials were invited. He such forums he cultivated deep relations with the officials as they socialized amongst themselves at the same time promoting his political objectives (Hewitt, 2016). Mr. Kislyak had landed him as the most prominent ambassador in America. President Trump adviser Michael T. Flynn went to the extent of resigning due to not being in contact with Mr. Kislyak. The envoy has interacted with many American top officials for a longtime and that has helped ensure the Russian assertive policies are implemented (Nichol, 2013). He mostly protected the interests and image of Russia in a very intelligent manner. For example when in Stanford University, he was asked about the position of Russia in meddling the American elections he said his country was not involved in hacking of the presidential elections. He has been a brilliant diplomat with good track record for ensuring American-Russian relations (Nichol, 2014).

Analysis and Conclusion

Mr. Sergey Kislyak was a highly intelligent and professional diplomat who represented the Russian country mandate in America. He was greatly involved in pushing the political objectives in America. He formed a great network with top government officials in America from former president Obama to current president Trump. Mr. Sergey ensured the interests and image of Russia were restored. He also was the deputy prime minister of Russia back then before being appointed the ambassador to America in 2008 where he had worked well from his appointment day. Mr. Sergey has a lot of experience in political matters having worked in the government for a long period of time.

Why did I choose it?

I chose this article to know better how Russian ambassadors normally perform their envoy jobs and promote peace integration among the two countries that normally differ on key issues. I found out that as much as the two countries differ on their political objectives they do not involve their envoys on such matters. Additionally, I chose the topic because it helps me understand the concepts envoys use to promote their country’s agenda in another country. This has made me understand how leaders interact with other prominent colleagues when they are involved in promotion of their political, economic and social agendas.

What did I learn?

I learnt that a leader should be one who promotes integration between his country and the one he works in as an envoy. A leader must promote strong political objectives of his to those countries to help in the growth of his country through trade and policies. Another lesson I learnt is that a leader must exercise full patriotism of his own country and ensure economic and political growth amongst the countries is promoted efficiently. Representation of a country’s image is a main task that is key to envoys in the nation they are posted for the work given to them. Finally, a leader must be one able to create a very strong network in a country through politics and economic promotion for the benefit of his own country.


Hewitt, S. R. (2016). The Russo-American matroshka: Facilitating cross-cultural communication through the arts (Doctoral dissertation, American University).

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Nichol, J. (2014). Russian political, economic, and security issues and US interests. Current Politics and Economics of Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, 29(1), 1.

Journal #4

“The Impact of International Business on Global Economy”

Title of the Article: “The Impact of International Business on Global Economy”

Source of the Article: Sayco

Author of the article: Niki Geiersbach

Date of the article: 2010

Address of the Article:

Summary of the Article

This article tends to address the output of business carried out globally among states on the world’s economy. It explains how the advancement of technology has revolutionalised trade internationally and the way the economy has been improved (Auer, Borio, & Filardo, 2017). Companies have therefore cone up with requisite mechanisms to ensure that they compete with others in order to achieve high profits (Hill et al., 2017). Nations have stricken trade deals which they use to ensure that coordination of business activities amongst them becomes enhanced. Emergence of new industries within different countries like China has boosted the global economy due to introduction of new resources and commodities into the market (Young et al., 2017).

Additionally, the article captures information concerning national trade and investment policies. For instance, the National Trade Estimate of the European Union of 1996 describes the notion of trade of national trade as well as investment policies. Trade tariffs levied on commodities become regulated and then imposed on the products which are supplied internationally.

Analysis and Evaluation

We can deduce that international markets of commodities are inclined towards ensuring that the pricing and marketing of the international commodities are guided by set rules. Technological advancement has improved the operations of trade amongst nations thereby contributing to the global economy positively. Competition of businesses between countries has been on the rise as compared to internal competition of businesses within a country. This has been so due to the increase in the number of industries and business ventures that have been recorded.

International financial markets have risen due to well instituted exchange rates and taxes that have made the purchase of commodities become affordable. Emergence of many companies has been the sole reason behind rise in the global economy thus leading to increased urbanization within different states. The number of urban residence has been on the rise thus attracting more investors and potential markets for products.

Why did I choose it?

I chose the article as it helps in addressing the dynamic nature of business globally in addition to the contribution business has had to the global economy. The article conveys message on how the current world’s business has transformed as compared to traditional business venture. The article also depicts on factors such as technological advancement which has really impacted on the activities involved in trading.

The article is able to explain exchange rates and taxation of commodities which become purchased globally. The tariffs levied on the products are regulated and become standard to every country. Thus the article ensures that people are able to understand the rubrics involved in order to purchase or sell products. The global emergence of industries has played a great role in bolstering the economy.

What did I learn?

I learnt that global economy is dependent on legislative policies that have been accepted by nations worldwide. There are a myriad of factors which affect the market trends of business deals like technology, market exchange rates and licensing. I also learnt many countries have business ventures within them that compete globally. This has also played a role in the elevation of the global economy.


Auer, R., Borio, C. E., & Filardo, A. J. (2017). The globalisation of inflation: the growing importance of global value chains. BIS Working Papers, 602. Retrieved from

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Young, S., Hood, N., & Hamill, J. (2017). Foreign multinationals and the British economy: impact and policy. London: Routledge.

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