Learning and Teaching in a Step-by-Step Method

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Lesson Plans for Learning and Teaching in a Step-by-Step Method
The aim of the lesson is for students to read the words "am" and "it" with 90% accuracy, write sight words with 90% accuracy, and correctly recognize phrases from the "at" family with 80% accuracy. As a result, high-frequency terms (am, it, and then –at family) should be simple for students to read. Since they are reported with an estimated percentage value of success, the goals are measurable and observable. The proposed ELA subject area plan's grade level is kindergarten. RF.K,3.C are examples of learning norms. RF.K.3.D Identify the sounds of letters that vary to distinguish between words that are spelled similarly. The whole group instruction is not utilized in the lesson. The entire instructions can be incorporated into the lesson by dividing the class into small groups to allow fast learning and response. In addition, a co-teacher can help to handle some students who are slow learners. In this case, understanding of the set curriculum will be efficient since the learners will have a chance to access the instructor easily. A co-teacher serves as the helper of the main teacher. For that reason, co-teacher deals with slow learners students in the class to help them understand the concept or read the required letters. The use of projector technology can help the teacher to project the key words. Therefore, the students will read the identified concepts clear.

Creating small group instruction requires the teacher to use a certain process. Focusing on high frequency word fluency is good. In this case, children should build the words and then put a finger under and read it. Also, it is important to praise student desired behavior to motivate them to work consistently. Furthermore, the teacher needs to give children the letters like ‘a, t, i, and s.' Such letters are relevant when spelling news words like ‘is, is and at.' The teacher forms guided reading group. In addition, developing the small group instruction makes the teacher to indicate a lesson to allows learners to take the word ‘hat’ and change the first letter to make new words in the ‘at’ family. The needs of the student are met when the teacher involves all the learners during class lessons. Therefore, the teachers should give each student a chance to spell the specific word. Also, a co-teacher helps in satisfying the needs of the entire students involved in class.

Some learning center activities are important when incorporated to align to the lesson. For example, students are supposed to demonstrate their understanding by reading am, it and at family words within print in texts and around the room. They confirm their understanding by writing those same words. There is a proper demonstration of knowledge in classroom discussions and writing. Students build the words and then put their finger on it and read it. Students use dry erase markers to write the words quickly. During learning center activities, various technologies such as pictures cards, magnet letters, projectors, and ABC charts are included in the plan. The classroom procedures for small groups and learning center times can be taught using different methods to ensure there is positive classroom management. The best method is to demonstrate practically in class on things should be done. This technique ensures the participants gather real information and plans concerning small groups.

The student can assed be assessed by asking them to recite different letters as a whole group. In this case, they demonstrate their understanding and knowledge towards a certain concept. Also, those in a small group can be assessed using specific methods of learning like allowing to the group to read and write different patterns of various letters. During independent work time, students can be assessed individually. Therefore, the teacher can ask each student to read and write the specified groups of letters in the classroom. The learner will be excited to sing and rhyme identifying at family words.

I would incorporate recognition network as an important universal design for learning. The design is relevant since it shows the importance of gathering and categorizing facts on the manner in which people see, hear and read them. Furthermore, the strategic network is a relevant design that shows the styles to plan and perform tasks. The teachers ensure the students are in a better position to organize and express ideas in a systematic manner. They use proper demonstration techniques to enable the students to understand the important styles of reading and presenting the ideas. Learners are supposed to be engaged and motivated accordingly. Therefore, teachers use practical methods to make them excited, challenged and interested in the learning activities. Additionally, as a teacher, I observe the students keenly when reading and writing both at small and throughout the corner activities. For that reason, the gathered information is relevant to decide the appropriate universal design to apply for learning. The lesson will build a proper introduction of the –at the family. It sensitizes the students on how to make additional words using-at. The teacher also uses the patterns in words that help the students to read and write well.

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