Looking For Alaska Movie Review

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The Looking for Alaska movie review is here to give you a breakdown of this tumblr-heavy film. It's a movie about adolescents attending a prestigious boarding school and isn't particularly original, but it's also delivered in a unique way. We've broken it down into its three components: Storyline, Characters, and Tumblrness. But before you go and read the entire thing, be sure to read the following two sections.

Look for Alaska

The film is a period piece with a few nostalgic impulses, but the overall tone is depressing and the ending veers too far towards making things better. A period piece like this is not easy to adapt to the big screen, but this film is a worthy effort. Look for Alaska is one of those rare examples. The film is based on a young adult novel and offers fascinating character development and teen insight. But be warned: Look for Alaska is full of strong language and adult behaviors. The film's characters have to hide these traits from their peers or be expelled. They show their backsides, drink alcohol with fake credentials, smoke frequently, and engage in other behaviors that are deemed inappropriate for a young audience.

"Looking for Alaska" is a curious addition to the teen TV canon. Set in 2005, it's a bit unlike HBO's 13 Reasons Why and The OC, but it is a heartwarming movie that bears more similarities with its forebears than its contemporaries. It's like Dawson's Creek with regular alcohol, but for teenagers. In this film, the main character, Miles Halter, played by Charlie Plummer, is an adolescent who befriends Takumi and Jay Lee, two of the other students. And he's not the only one who's prone to rants.


While based on a beloved novel, Looking for Alaska isn't perfect. While this adaptation does a great job of scratching the YA fiction itch, it doesn't quite match the brilliance of the book. This movie review will focus on the characters and their interactions, as well as the story itself. Despite the flaws, this film is still an excellent read, if a bit predictable.

There are several memorable moments in the movie that bring tears to our eyes. One of these is Dr. Hyde's class, where he teaches religion and asks his students to think about the deeper meaning of everything. The conversations between Miles and Alaska, as well as between the professor and Dolores Martin, are some of the show's most emotional moments. And it's a joy to watch Christopher Lee make the most of his limited screen time.


In this action adventure, Jake Barnes (Sean Penn) moves his son and daughter to Alaska, where he earns money by ferrying supplies. His brother, however, does not want to stay in the far-flung region. When Jake Barnes' plane crashes, the children band together to look for their father. After the official search party is cancelled, they start their own search in the Alaskan wilderness. Ultimately, they discover that Jake is still alive and well.

The movie's premise is simple: a wealthy entrepreneur crashes his plane in the wilderness of Alaska, where he meets a charming bush pilot. The two soon fall in love and devise a plan to return to civilization. But they run into problems along the way. Despite his intentions, he suspects his son's photographer and his assistant Stephen of having an affair with his wife. Moreover, he has to work together with their son, the ruthless killer, Ben Corbett, to rescue the noble Haida tribe from evil white men.


Looking for Alaska is a movie with a Tumblr-like aesthetic. Twinkling lights, carved quotes, and scattered books are common in Alaska's room. Its television adaptation uses many key dialogue bits without context. The movie, which stars Kate Winslet, is a touching portrayal of a teenage traumatized girl. Tumblrness for Alaska is the perfect blend of the YA and adult genres.

Based on the best-selling novel by John Green, this movie has an excellent cast, including Stephen Froseth, Natalie Dormer, and Josh Schwartz. The film skews young and leans heavily on fast-talking teenagers and rivalry. But it fits right in with the Schwartz/Savage oeuvre. It's a rare adaptation that doesn't fall flat or underwhelm.

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage

The onscreen adaptation of the beloved novel by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, Looking for Alaska, improves on the book and its premise by bringing the character of Alaska closer into focus. Rather than the conventional, acerbic narrative of the outside world, the film is focused more on the interiority of Alaska. While the characters are precocious, their pretentiousness is a disguise for their insecurities. Their insecurity makes them seem natural, even though their dialogue is utterly unreal.

Jason Schwartz is no stranger to adaptations, having helmed series such as The O.C. and Gossip Girl. He has a unique perspective on teenage motivation and their own experiences with making television. His collaboration with Stephanie Savage was particularly interesting because the two portrayed teenage characters, as well as those of a gang of misfits. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they made Looking for Alaska feel like their own creation.

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