Management of Operations in the Hospitality Industry

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This research report depicts some important information about an Individual Management Report that examines how operations management is designed, funded, delivered, and established in a Hospitality Management Business Entity.

American Hospitality Management, Inc. is the Hospitality Business Management Entity under consideration. With specialization in the domain of event and hospitality related top-notch services across United States, is a reputeable name in travel, tourism facilitation and events management.

The scope of this report is to look at various aspects associated to this organization_x0092_s Operations Management. These aspects are considered to reach at a conclusion about the efficiency and productivity of the Standard Operating Procedures adopted by American Hospitality Management Inc. The Individual Management report serves as a supporting document for the Management of AHM Inc. and they can look into implementation of some remedies that may help the organization to enhance the level of its professionalism. Hospitality Management is a challenging domain to take for an individual or even an organization because of its multiple open ended dimensions to look at during its Operational Management (Slack & Lewis, 2005).

a. Salient Features of the Individual Management Report

The Individual Management Report will be prepared with the operational perstective of AHM Inc. Salient features of report will include looking into following areas:

A Transformation Model

Operations Performance

Process Design and Layout


Transformation Model

Typially a transformation model or process is subjected to consider an activity or a equqnce of activities which have one or more inputs and the model will transform them to desired output for the potential clients. Specifically for the OM of Hospitality Management business it is important to first categorize the it as _x0091_Service Sector_x0092_ enitity. In case of AHM Inc_x0092_s OM the Transformation Model utilized by organization is reflected in the Figure 1.

The cutting edge services strategy and using most advanced systems made the AHM Inc. as to stand-alone its its Hospitality Management domain. This comprehensive Transformation Model provides strong legal framework and sets the customer specific benchmarks to be set by the organization as first step to start off. In case of Hospitality Management of AHM Inc._x0092_s OM, the transformation model can be considered as set of many customer oriented micro-operations to form a macro-transformation operation.

Operational Performance

Operational Performance of AHM Inc. is determined on the basis of tracking its existing customer base and their reviews on the company_x0092_s customer portal. The organization_x0092_s staff involves with the customer in facilitating and providing convenience to select a desired reasonable Hospitality and\/ or Travel Package. The customers are provided step by step guidelines and instructions by the organization_x0092_s trained and professional staff through virtual interaction round the clock. The e-ticketing services and https based secure Online Payment Processing services are landmark for AHM Inc. to establish a strong footprint in the domain of elegant Hospitality Management OM now-a-days. The customers are provided with an online feedback form once they perform a final check-out from an outlet of AHM Inc. or Hotel reffered by the organization to customer. This online survey is added to the previous feedbacks from customers and the customer can view the results of last 2 months customers_x0092_ feedback for AHM Inc.

Process Design & Flow Chart

The work-flow adopted by AHM Inc. is quite simple that involves interactivity of customer right from the beginning. Customer is shown an online interactive form that is very simple in nature. This form seeks basic customer specific information required to start a hospitality transaction or activity. Once customer submits the request to avail a particular event management package or hospitality management package the system sends an automated email to Customer Sales Representative of AHM Inc. The CSR reviews customer_x0092_s basic input information and confirms the request through calling him or her. The customer is delivered a detailed guideline pamphalet to proceed further as per customer_x0092_s demand and nature of hospitality service booked by the customer. The schedule is also included with the e-pamphalet that has to be strictly followed by the customer. If the hospitality package may involve air travel the AHM Inc. renders third party services of an associated travel agent and offers indirect services of advanced booking to the customer as per it_x0092_s need. The entire process of operations management with customer perstive is made customer friendly. The entire OM philosophy of AHM Inc. revolves around the principle to serve the interest of the valueable customer(s).


Slack, N. and Lewis, M. eds., 2005. Operations management (Vol. 10). Psychology Press.

November 09, 2022

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