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The science of medicine, its significance, and applicability is a contentious issue that has lingered in the medical realm for a long time. Apparently, different parties hold opposing views on the impact of medical science, with some believing it has little value and others believing it is extremely important. Indeed, there are many who see no need for qualified physicians and practitioners and instead rely on old ways and self-healing approaches. This paper aims to shed light on the science of medicine, its significance, and the persuasive arguments from medical professionals that can persuade persons who have different views. Arguments on the Science of Medicine

Evidently, the author cannot establish fine lines between the science of medicine and early man discoveries. It is clearly demonstrated from how he outlines his argument using a frivolous tone. First, the writer begins by trying to understand the science of medicine from the perspective of those who view it with contempt and deem it insignificant. The conclusion he draws is that no advancement in matters pertaining to human health and dietary habits would have been made without the science of medicine. Indeed, he views the science of medicine as humanity’s cry for a palpable and more accurate remedy for all the health predicaments people fall into. Second, the author delves in to defend the honor of the science of medicine by outlining its significance with utmost clarity. Emphatically, he views the science of medicine as a crucial discipline that cannot afford to be faulty because it deals with human lives. This is demonstrated in his quote, ‘Medicine differs from subjects like astronomy and geology, of which a man might know the truth and lecture on it without either he or his audience being able to judge whether it were the truth or not, because there is no sure criterion.’

Lastly, the writer affirms that the science of medicine occurred circumstantially when human beings incurred the inevitable need to have a precise description and explanation for the challenges they met. The author connotes by saying, ‘The reason why the art of medicine became necessary was because sick men did not get well on the same regimen as the healthy.’ Unquestionably, the significance of the science of medicine is irrefutable and has taken great strides in addressing different strains of pathogens and availed more dietary options. However, the argument presented by the science of medicine is not strong enough to portray the author as one who has a science of medicine. Actually, the writer views the early man and modern physician as two identical entities who made the same discoveries with the discrepancy being in the level of sophistication. It is clearly elucidated when the author quotes, ‘What is the difference in intention between the man who discovered the mode of life suitable for the sick, who is called a physician and admitted to be a scientist, and him who, from the beginning, discovered the way to prepare the food we eat now instead of the former wild and animal-like diet? I can see no difference; the discovery is one and the same thing.’

Alluring Nature of Arguments on the Science of Medicine

The arguments offered in the treatise are able to influence the decision of a sick person to see a physician. Basically, the arguments presented do not provide an accurate direction for a sick person and what is to be done in the event of an ailment. It simply illustrates the author’s point of view on how the non-professionals back in the day made assumptions on a litany of remedies up until they discovered one that appeared more fitting in the options. In any case, it leaves a sick person with no clear line on what to do if a health issue was to befall them. Nonetheless, the arguments also dwindle the importance of physicians and lowers the dais upon which they have stood since time immemorial by taking the glorious appearance off their achievements. Simultaneously, the arguments convince sick persons to discover self-recuperating tendencies while still encouraging them to seek medical advice.


In summary, in accordance with the arguments presented, the science of medicine is both significant and insignificant. It all depends on the perspective of an individual. Nonetheless, based on the human tendencies to use heuristics, it is obvious that individuals will be inclined to the science of medicine and will undoubtedly discard the traditional methods.

May 10, 2023

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