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Bacilli and Cocci Bacteria Classification

In this study of prokaryotic organisms, an experiment was performed in order to understand the differences between eukar...

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Identifying the Bacteria Essay

The purpose of this lab is to identify unknown #24 found in the different bacteria culture. The process of identificatio...

97 views 2 pages ~ 305 words
Inoculating Needle Essay

To demonstrate the variation in growth of Serratia marcescens in different growth media. Hypothesis The growth of Serrat...

278 views 3 pages ~ 753 words
Anthrax - a hazard

A biological substance that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction is anthrax. (WMD). The Bacillus anthracis bact...

164 views 2 pages ~ 386 words
Amoxicillin is an antibiotic drug for bacterial infections.

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that is commonly used to treat a variety of bacterial illnesses. The treatment begins once ...

300 views 3 pages ~ 729 words
Mouth, Throat and Skin Normal Microbiota

While microbiotas are often assumed to be uniformly distributed within the host organ, there is a diverse variety of bio...

291 views 3 pages ~ 577 words
the water

Water is a ubiquitous and one-of-a-kind substance that is critical to the survival of many species. It is important to r...

254 views 4 pages ~ 951 words
Staining Techniques and Aseptic Technique/Streak Plates

In most microbial experiments, the inoculation and culturing measures are important because they assess the consistency ...

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Animal Cells

The animal cell contains many organelles that work together to ensure proper function. These organelles will be discussed below. The nucleus is ...

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