Nursing Care Plan for Sgt. John Based on Roy's Adaptation Model

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How would the use of Roy’s Adaptation Model assist the nurse in planning for the continuation of care for Sgt. John? Roy adaptation model (RAM) focuses on providing a holistic adapting framework for patients. It makes the process of nursing care to be systematic, purposeful and effective. RAM evaluates patient's progress through models. These models include physiological adaptive modes, self-concept, interdependence and role function model (Phillips, 2010). Such models are vital in assessing behavior and level of adaptation of a patient. Consequently, nurses will have ample time in planning for intervention that will facilitate impetus adaptation for Sgt. John. Using RAM, the nurse will be able to assess the behavior of John, which includes headaches and lack of sleep, to come up with a plan that will be effective in promoting his recovery. Additionally, RAM identifies the need for a patient to adapt to environmental stimuli. Therefore, nurses can make use of the possible relationships such as his mum, the girl, and Joe to establish a starting point of healing for him. 

Describe the influence of Roy’s model in guiding the nurse’s actions in promoting John’s self-adjusted concept

Roy’s model guides the nurse actions through various models. One of such models is adaptive self-concept model, which focuses on a psychological and spiritual aspect of a patient (Kaur & Mahal, 2013). It encompasses feeling and beliefs from internal or external, i.e., physical self and personal self. Nurses can make use of Roy’s model in a number of ways to promote John’s coping mechanisms. From the case study, John is experiencing severe headaches and lack of sleep, which has forced him to indulge in excessive drinking to ease the pain. Nurses, can chip in and provide an alternative solution to his suffering, which could significantly help him overcome psychological bumps he is going through. The fact that John considers himself lucky is a positive response that nurses could make use of to promote his healing. Additionally, the nurse could organize John to visit Joe, which could lead to an effective response to interdependence model of adapting.

The importance of listening to a patient’s perspective according to Roy’s model

Roy’s model focuses on environmental stimuli that can promote or hinder the patient’s adaptive process. The success of this model relies on understanding such stimuli, which can only be conveyed by listening to a patient. In addition, it is through addressing the real problem of the patient that intervention can be effectively applied. According to Phillips (2010), the unique wholeness of a person is achieved if they integrate to the environment and adapt to its changes. Therefore, listening to the patients is the first step in Roy model, which allows them to assess the stimuli around the patient to establish their behavior. Effective assessment results in effective evaluation and intervention plan leading to positive adaptation of a patient.

Name four stressors from the case study. Create a plan for care based on Neuman’s model for Sgt. John

Stressors are situations that affect a person's well-being. In the case study, the stressors that are in John's life include:

1. John is a victim of Afghanistan’s roadside bomb, where his leg was injured, and got a bump on the head (traumatic head injury).

2. He is experiencing sleepless nights and constant headaches.

3. He has not visited his friend who was hospitalized in Washington, DC.

4. The fact that he was replaced on his former job in the plant in addition to his inability to work. 

Care plan based on Neuman’s model

Neumann's model system views individuals as open system who are in constant interaction with other people and the environment. In its application, it focuses on physiological, psychological, the social aspect, spiritual, and age-related activities (Neuman & Fawcett, 2011). Based on the model system Sgt. John well-being can be promoted by the following care plan:

1. Promoting his physical well-being by conducting physiotherapy sessions that will quicken his healing.

2. Making sure he books an appointment with a psychologist who will address his worries can be an efficient way of reducing headaches and allowing him to sleep at night.

3. Arranging for Sgt. John to visit his friend Joe in Washington, DC will be helpful in bridging the sociological gap and also filling his affection adequacy.

4. Involving John in social work is a good plan in promoting his healing.



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October 24, 2023

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