Nursing Diagnosis

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The Diagnosis in Nursing

The diagnosis itself means to identify what causes sickness through symptoms examination. While nursing diagnosis refers to judgment drawn from clinical experimental on how cohorts from different groups react to real and most common problems attached to health, it is used by nurses to select, intervene and achieve their ultimate goals of accountability (Gordon, 2010). The main aim of diagnosis in nursing is to relay treatment needed by an individual to the profession, and it also provide s a standard methodology that explains amenable areas in medicine with the aid of intervention from nurses.

Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care plans, on the other hand, are crucial elements in the provision of standard care to the patients. The plan assists in defining roles of nurses in the treatment circle; it gives out care with consistency pattern and paves the way for customization and proper intervention to client s from medical profession (Doenges & Moorhouse, 2013). Besides, it encourages nurses to treat the patient holistically. The plan also assists in the identification of nurses unique nursing roles in handling patients health’s issues using their expounded knowledge without necessarily waiting for doctors intervention and instructions on a daily basis. .The environment changes in medical field places huge requirements to services providers like nursing to incorporate new technology into their system and embrace current trends to be relevant in a dynamic changing world. And embrace all healthcare service sectors, including nursing practice(Merriam Webster Dictionary 2011). In conclusion, a nursing diagnosis is not out-dated and should be carried out in good faith because it has a couple of benefits like provision of quality services to patients and it also raises the bar on nurses practices and norms.


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Gordon, M. (2010). Manual of nursing diagnosis: Including all diagnostic categories approved by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

October 13, 2023

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