Personal Reflection on Teaching Issues of Concern

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A person's education has a big impact on their lives. Due of this, it is advised for teachers to ensure that every student benefits from it despite any difficulties (Brookfield, 2017). This essay aims to provide a personal view on how to access general education curricula while taking into account the needs of students with impairments.

Since I am well aware that my kids have lives ahead of them, it is extremely important to me as a teacher to ensure that I have a positive influence on their futures. Among the things I noted to be of great and moderate concern to me are: Proper management of time, enhancing scholar’s feeling of accomplishment, preparing of adequate lesson plans, establishing challenges faced by students as they learn, making sure that scholars realize their full potential, getting an approved evaluation concerning my mode of teaching, occurrence of embarrassing incidents which might ruin my hard earned reputation, comprehending how nutrition and health challenges faced by the students can impact their learning, recognizing emotional requirements of my students, respect the student have for me, helping scholars to have high value for education, lack of time for testing and grading, posing challenges to the unmotivated students, my capability of maintaining appropriate control to the students, making sure the students are of good behaviors, comprehension of reasons leading to some students make minimal improvements, appearing competent to the guardians and parents, meeting the requirements and needs of all the students, looking for alternative ways to make sure that scholars understand what is taught, comprehending cultural and psychological differences which have an impact on the scholar’s behaviours, lack of support from the public, adapting to the needs and requirements of the various scholars, guiding the students to attain emotional and intellectual growth, comprehending the factors which acts as a motivation to the children and making sure that the students can apply in real life whatever they do learn.

The things which I found to be of little or no concern to me are: Inadequate clerical aid for the teachers, number of extra duties and responsibilities, performing well under supervision, insufficient time to rest and prepare classes, assistance granted from the specialized teachers, losing respect from my peers, thought of my peers concerning my job, regulations and standards set for the teachers, inability to tolerate those cause trouble in my classes, number of students given to my classrooms, principal thought on what happen in my classes, teaching in an effective in the presence of another teacher, my ability of working with student who disrupt others, number of administrative interruptions and my weak points being known to the other teachers.

There are patterns concerning the things which are of great concern to me. Most of the are associated with ensuring the students realize their full potential and thus are mainly centered on the students themselves. For things of little or no concern to me, they are associated with other people's thoughts which have no effect on my relationship with the students and do not affect them in any way.

Other categories include respect, the interaction between the students and the teachers, time management, health, behaviors, standards, and regulations.


In conclusion, it is clear that the things which I take to be of high or moderate concern can have an impact on the performance of the children. Such include motivating them to continue making improvements. Things of little or no concern do not affect the performance of students like how my peers think of me. Provided I do my job well I do not need recognition or respect from my peers as I am doing my duty.


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