Professional ethics

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Teachers are obliged to treat students with respect and dignity as members of the learning teaching fraternity in order to foster positive interaction and a conducive environment.

Teachers will treat students' parents and families with respect in order to promote a positive image and relationship with the school community (National Education Association, 2002).

Instructors value their coworkers, even their subordinates, and are expected to treat them with dignity because they contribute to the teaching-learning environment. Administrators play an important role in the governing of a school and teaching are expected to respect them and the decisions that they make for a smooth flow.

Part ii: Professional demeanor

Professional appearance and attitude

Dressing, appearance, and attitude form the basis of the respect and attitude given towards a teacher. To climb the heights of professional respect, the appearance of a teacher plays a significant role; hence it matters as a professional demeanor.

Respect for diversity

As part of professional interactions with others, a teacher is expected to respect the diversity among the students, coworkers, and other members of the school fraternity. This way the teachers attracts respect from all the parties in the school thereby enhancing the smooth learning process.

Teacher’s actions towards others

As a teacher, you actions towards others influence their attitude towards you thereby influencing your environment. It is important to respect others and act in a polite way such that others also respect you and act in a nice way towards you.

Reliability and ethics

As a teacher, you must be reliable and accountable to authorities, parents, students, and coworkers. You are expected to be answerable to actions you take; therefore, you should be guided by the highest level of professionalism and work ethics.

Part iii: Professional Improvement

As teacher three parts that I would improve would be in a relationship with others, attitude, and professional appearance. In the three mentioned parts, I have full control because it fully depends on me and how I interact with others. I will improve my relationship with students, colleagues, and other members of the school fraternity to ensure a positive interaction with them. I will also improve my attitude towards others to ensure that I attract positive attitude. Additionally, I will improve my professional appearance so that others can treat me with respect as a professional.

Part iv: professional behavior

Behaving professionally is something that cuts across all professions regardless of the state or the country. When you behave professionally, you attract positive reception because you do not let personal issues affect your actions. For students, when you act professionally you ensure that are treated with respect, there are no biased decisions or ill treatment of some students, furthermore, you consider that they all need you as a teacher and therefore ensure you give your best to all of them. This professional behavior influences the learning environment through encouraging all students without having any biased perceptions or actions towards some students.


National Education Association (NEA) (2002). Code of Ethics. Retrieved from

May 17, 2023




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