Project framework from ESI

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EagleWrench would be assisted in completing its objectives on schedule by ESI's Project FRAMEWORKTM. The model will provide a description of the lifespan of the business operations being carried out by the company in a similar manner. Romano (2017) claims that by putting the BRM into practice, businesses will have a philosophy on how to understand and maintain project and program benefits. A connection between the structure and the important contexts where the information is valuable will also be made. Along with the stated recommendations, a rationale is offered to provide insights into the complexity of issues in the firm and the justification for why the solution will work (Ashurst, 2012).

The alpha project managers articulate their work accurately, helping a firm meet their strategic goals. Similarly, they often have an additional idea regarding their work and will usually spend twice as much as the time spent by the non-alphas planning their work. Lastly, compared to the non-alphas, the alpha project managers are skilled with acts of solving project issues and team conflicts. These applications in a firm provide an ideal difference in the outcomes that they achieve compared to the input that other project managers can offer in the institution.


Knowledge area




Monitoring and Controlling


Integration Management

Develop a project charter

Create a project management plan

Direct and manage project work

Monitor activities executed by the company

Closure of the project

Scope Management

Plan a cope management schedule

Validate the scope

Time Management

Estimate the activity durations

Control schedules

Cost Management

Estimate the costs to be incurred

Cost controls

Quality Management

Make a quality management plan

Execute quality assurance

Control quality

Human Resource Management

Plan human resource management

Develop the project team

Communication Management

Plan communication management

Manage communications

Control communications

Risk Management

Create a risk management plan

Control risks

Procurement Management

Make a procurement plan

Execute the procurement

Control the procurement

Close the procurement activity

Stakeholder Management

Identify the stakeholders

Plan stakeholder management

Manage their engagements

Control the stakeholder engagements

The items highlighted in green will help manage the stakeholders’ expectations and requirements in the firm.


Ashurst, C. (2012). Benefits realization from information technology. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

Romano, L. (2017). Project portfolio management strategies for effective organizational operations. Hershey: Pennsylvania IGI Global.

February 01, 2023

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