Pursuing a Career in Speech and Communication

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In the famous words of Shannon Alder “the most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said”. Communication has always fascinated me since I realized that everyone is different in the way they perceive the world and understand one another. It is imperative that we comprehend how children develop the desire and ability to connect with people and exchange feelings and ideas, both verbally and non-verbally. My interest to pursue speech and communication has been motivated by the bedeviling condition prevalent to children of communication impairment. I am intrigued by a typical case of Autism Spectrum Disorder where my son forms part of the victims, a circumstance that disables children until communicating verbally becomes impossible in their lifespan. As a parent, it is a painful experience that finding a solution to it can bring solace to many families undergoing such fates. After thinking carefully about this stalemate, I realized that taking war where it belongs is a significant responsibility as an expert in communication strategies. I now fathom that society is void of professionals who can stand in times of essential needs like helping the children to develop health-wise, free of chronic conditions. I am deeply compelled by many of these challenges in society and by utilizing my professional tools appropriately to contain this desperate situation would be the most significant accomplishment in career life. It might be challenging to pursue a career as a parent, especially with the parental responsibilities and the deteriorating conditions, but for the sake of urgency and the zeal to save our children, I am willing to take up this challenge and study speech and communication.

It is critical that conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder affects the victims the rest of their lives. As it stands that no standard treatment for ASD, but there are many ways to increase the ability of a child to grow while learning new skills. The most painful part of it is lack of sufficient expertise to caregivers to pass the right skills to children as they grow. I firmly believe that by studying speech and communication which incorporates skills training and communication therapies, I can help the children with incurable conditions like ASD improve their communication skills as well create awareness to all parents about methods of approaching such situations. The experience of living with a child suffering from communication disorders is so traumatizing considering their afflicting symptoms such as inordinate interaction capabilities, inability to talk, failing to maintain eye contact and repeating a single statement every time. My determination to fulfill my career dream is one reason to pursue a diploma in speech and communication, but more importantly, saving the future of our children outweighs all other objectives.

Earlier on, I worked as a volunteer in collaboration with institutions offering special education, mostly the physically challenged, where I was involved in coaching children on ethical behaviors. I was encouraged to see that some of them have grown up to become renowned people in society and they praise me for the impact I did in their lives. Such incidences have helped me realize my strengths for nurturing people with special needs using a few skills of human sciences. It is quite clear that by switching to the field of speech and communication at the Sydney Australia, I will gain advanced skills to nurture children affected by more complex psychological conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorders. I look forward to showcasing my capability in human sciences at the Sydney University as well as register best outcomes to improve further the reputation of this university.  I firmly believe I would make an excellent communication and speech therapist considering my patience and conscientiousness and thrive on helping others.

August 01, 2023

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