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A person may experience confusion and stress when choosing a profession to pursue. Different career assessments have been developed as a result to help people determine which career best matches their strengths and interests.

The tests that were administered in class included the MBTI personality exam, the SIGI Plus test, and the Holland code work personality test. The three evaluations are related in that they provide advice on possible careers and vocations. Based on the personality, interests, and values that people identify during the evaluations, these vocations are narrowed down. My four-letter personality type according to MBTI personality test is ISTJ which stands for: introverted, observant, thinking and judging aspects. Introversion shows I do not require much external stimulation. Observant trait depicts how I see the world and what information I focus on that is facts. Thinking, on the other hand, involves how I make decisions and cope with emotions in which I focus on logic and rational thought and judging involves how I plan attained through clarity of concepts and clear guidelines.

The name given to this personality type is logistician, and about working, I can get things done thoroughly and on time maintaining a strong work ethic. Moreover, I work well with clear guidelines, procedures and schedules and work will always come first before pleasure, and I strive for productivity rather than enjoying the work I do.

According to the Holland codes assessment, my top three Holland job personality types are enterprising, investigative and artistic. The three careers that I identified of this evaluation are practicing law as a lawyer, accountancy or sales management. The lawyer career however regularly appeared in the career results of my other assessments. A look into the occupational outlook handbook brought out that the education level required to practice law is graduate level.

On the other hand, the work values from SIGI Plus test that I possess include flexible hours described as the ability to set my work schedule. High income characterized by having the chance to make a lot of money and also earn bonuses apart from the regular salary. The ability to have leisure time which I achieve through vacations and paid holidays; prestige as the career has a high status in the community and security where changes in the economy do not threaten my job plus there are always jobs available in my field.

To this effect, I have benefited from these assessments we took in class as I got to know what possible careers to pursue. For example, in pursuing a career as a lawyer, personal traits such as strong-will, integrity and timely completion of tasks revealed and flexible hours and the chance to make a lot of money which are great motivators and what attracts me to the occupation.

Furthermore, my top three Holland job personalities depict my success in this career as a lawyer because one earns more money when they open their firm which is a business and the enterprising personality facilitates this, a lot of creativity is required to win cases which make the artistic personality handy. Finally, proper defense or prosecution needs extensive research into the trials, and investigative personality would equip me in conducting the research.

Lastly, I got to learn how to efficiently study a major here at Orange Coast University after learning about choice 360 college planning tool which gives me an upper edge in genuinely focusing on my studies.

March 10, 2023

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