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I concur that creating a long-lasting collaboration between teachers and parents requires the involvement of all members of the family as well as the teachers. Teachers should make sure that other family members are actively involved in the lives of these youngsters when the parents are not around. Importantly, maintaining continual contact is essential to the success of this cooperation. Teachers ought to make an effort to start up and keep up regular communication with the families and parents of these children.

To begin with, parents and various family members respond to children with special needs in different ways. While some parents are dissatisfied, others just have the worst intentions for these children. It is only through constant communication that teachers can let parents know that they share in what they are going through and that their kids are just different. The parents need to feel that teachers are also directly involved in the raising and in the welfare of their kids. When parents are assured that the teachers too are interested in the lives of these kids, they will trust the teachers to take care of them. Moreover, through constant communication, parents will be at peace and not have to worry about their kids being accepted by other teacher or staff members in their kid’s school (Ray, 2009).

Both parents and teachers experience some challenges when dealing with kids with special needs. However, teachers are in a better position since they are well trained in not only teaching but dealing with these kids. Through constant communication, the teachers can equip parents with some information that can make it easier for them to take care of their kids. Parents will also be comfortable to leave their kids in the hands of the teachers without having to worry (Ray, 2009).


Ray, J. (2009). Partnering with Families of Children. Retrieved from

March 10, 2023

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