Student Learning Outcome

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Homework Task

Homework task refers to tasks given or assigned by teachers to their college students so that they can do them out of class period. A simple sample of homework can also consist of readings to be performed, notes to be taken, problems to be solved or a sample project to come up with amongst other various examples. This extra work away from college is also termed as preparatory school work. Here I this paper, we are going to look in small print about the main concept of homework and its importance to college students of the same peer and the significance of peer to one’s academic development in the educational setup.

Boosting Skills and Abilities

To begin with, the basic fact of assigning homework to students is to boost their skills and abilities of the students in the academic arena. Homework may be used to remind students of what they have already learned and been in a good position to apply the acquired ideas or learned skills to another task. Homework also provides a chance to their parents to participate in their academic tasks. The educational process should be an activity which involves the various stakeholders and homework ensures the same. This homework was later discouraged not only by parents but also those who attended present situations, many children are compelled spend some hours doing their homework which some people seems it to be disadvantageous while others on the other side as an advantage.

Timeliness of Assignments

The other advantage of homework is the timeliness of the assignment that entails the schedule to which the task should be performed and the submission requirements. Firstly, students require a moment to locate the correct contents of the new materials learned in school. They need a proper quiet time to evaluate their understanding of the details in question. The timely completion of assigned work will show the shared responsibility between the student teacher and parent in achieving then homework objective triangle. With homework becoming on the temptation side, the time required for a completed assignment, time limits the student’s time for other activities within the community.

Assessing Learning and Planning

Homework also assists the teacher to figure out what the students have not yet learned hence it provides the starting point for the development of the next plan for the lesson. Here then the teacher can decide to change the upcoming lessons to match, this will ensure no academic detail is left without being taught in the syllabus of the also places the learner to be in a position to tackle various tests either internally within the area geographical boundaries.

Involvement of Parents and Communication Skills

To end up on the advantages of homework is that it creates a combinable environment whereby parents are being involved in the educational field of the child by giving them hope ass they from the main object to the day in tracking his or her progress. The above advantages strongly support the importance of issuance of homework to students in schools as it actually acts as their opener and improves their creativity and communication skills.

Peer Learning

In continuation, many educational institutions are getting involved in active learning that provides opportunities to students to come up with their own issues to discuss on and questions while giving out their views on the same and forming of self-questions and engaging in cooperative learning. Peer learning mainly refers to a type of cooperative learning that provides an environment of student-student formation whereby students learn from each other through discussions, symposium sand other methods which encourage sharing of information. Through the sharing of information amongst peers, students learn to be confident. This learning methodology has over the years helped children comprehend whatever they learn better through brainstorming and sharing of individual perceptions.

Relevance and Discussion Questions

For a successful realization of the benefits of peer learning, the teachers should provide discussion topics with much relevance to the students’ knowledge by forming discussion questions which trigger their minds towards sophisticated thinking levels. These peer groups are then separated into sections according to peer learning strategies of group categorization. Here groups are divided consisting of 4-5 individuals and each group assigned a specific question to tackle and look for justifiable answers for each. Some of the main advantages of this peer learning are that as students communicate with one another, they learn conflict managing skills, adopt leadership roles, they unravel the complexities of human relationships with many more important life skills. This process enhances their learning outcomes thus expanding their general knowledge beyond the written words when awarded a task to go through. These forms the majority of the significance of peer learning.


To conclude, both homework and peer learning constitute the basis for high levels of student learning outcomes as they have a significant impact on the individual student performance as discussed above due to their various advantages in the learning process. As homework facilitates reflection of what has been covered, peer learning facilitates the integration of information and building of confidence levels amongst learners. Therefore, homework and peer learning are the essentials in better student learning end for better educational outcomes.

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