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Students Should Take Short Sessions

According to Tim Tebow's article "Stop Brief Courses," Glendale College will not give a 2018 Winter Session. The author goes on to say that, while many students do not appreciate it, it may have a positive impact in the future because students do more in long sessions than in short sessions. While there are legitimate reasons to believe that students should not take classes during short sessions, there are also several valid reasons to believe that students should be accepted for short courses. Indeed, students should take classes in the short sessions for early graduation and fewer distractions especially they fall behind in their homework as in the short sessions and to benefit those who have low attention-spans and are usually unable to focus on studies during the long class time.

One core benefit by taking short sessions is that students may be able to graduate quickly, especially if they start taking short sessions early in their college career. One particular case of my experience is the winter session that I am taking presently. At the beginning of the session, I was able to enroll for ESL 151 in the spring session, which is the prerequisite for the future classes. With this advantage, I could get early graduation opportunity than others who had not enrolled for the extra course. If students take one short session class each time for four years, they could be ahead 12 credit hours, which would mean they could be on the verge of graduating a semester earlier.

Not only do short sessions give students an advantage of earlier graduation but it also provides them with fewer distractions compared to the long sessions. Short sessions are usually smaller in length and could give students more interactions during class discussions and more personal contact with the professor. Through the close interactions with the professor, students get fewer distractions, focus more on their studies, and are able to get higher grades. Following my experience taking the winter session, I would concentrate more on my studies than when I was taking the fall semester since my class is smaller than before and it is less noisy.

It is thus critical to affirm that by taking short sessions, students have varied benefits compared to the long sessions. Two primary implications are the earlier graduation opportunity and fewer distraction. It is thus recommended that the students should take the opportunity of short sessions instead of wasting times on the break.

July 24, 2021

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